Get free runescape items

Runescape is amassing! However, if you often play online game you know that it needs to make your character strong to do good job. In Runescape if you don’t have membership, you have no access to many skills, such as farming, thieving, agility and so on. All this matters your combat lvl and game pleasure. There are some ways to avoid it.

The first one is you can buy a high combat lvl runescape account. Training a runescape account takes long time. If you want to achieve the highest lvl, you need to pay membership fee. The best way, in my opinion, is to buy a rs account. There are many website can provide this service, for example This website can provide cheap runescape accounts and you can also sell your rs account on it (this is free). I bought a 110 combat lvl from farmer100 in 2010. The accounts are cheaper now. You can visit for the price information. After own a good account, you will have many free items.

The second way is to get free items on Runescape. When you kill a player or monster, he will drop items. Pick up it! These items can be useful for you. Another way is using the thieving skill, but only members can use it.


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