How to get a runescape account

Ruesacpe is an interesting MMORP in the world. Many game players like it. This game created since 2001, at the moment there are 114,752 people online.

So if you are a new player of runescape, how to start it? Hope the following information can give you some help.

The official website of runescape is, and you can get a free account by register. To play the runescape you need the java support. You can download it from the runescape official website.

Then install the runescape procedure, and register a new account by your email. When you get the account, you will have 15 days membership, which can let you to use the membership skills, like fishing, summoning, thieving and so on.

Runescape has 25 skills at the moment. Most of the runescape’s highest lvl is 99. It will take you a lot of time to train a free account. So is there any good ways if you want experience a high combat? The answer is yes! You can come to farmer100 to get a desire runescape account, it’s very cheap, safe and quickly. The total combat lvl is 138, if you want to achieve that lvl, you need to pay the membership fee. That will need amount of money.

So why not go to to have a look. I once got a 121 combat lvl account on it, and this account let me enjoy the high lvl account pleasure. The feeling is perfect.


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