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no Scam but Safe to sell your RS account on farmer100

As we all know, Runescape is a nice and popular game. The 3D effect is very good and you can use the up and down arrow keys to control. Background music of the game is always praised by the player. Real-time display of its map misleads you into thinking you’re playing online games, rather than just one page game. There will be some reasons for a player to sell your runescape account.


First, do not have spare time to play any more. So the account is vacant. A player spends a lot of time and effort in the game so he will be unwilling to let it idle. So he just chooses to sell it.


Perhaps a player gets the account for free without spending a coin. But he spent much time  in playing the game and spent some money to enrich his account as well. Time does have value and time is money. So he can sell his time for some money in return.


As a player, I know it costs much to buy game gold and items. So he could get the money back by selling the account to others .


The best way to sell a runescape account is to a website, such as farmer100. It is safe and reliable. Farmer100 offers honest service for players to have fun. Farmer100 is a specialized and professional site. The aim of farmer100 is to provide more convenient service for all game players all over the world,  and also to make all players have more fun in the game world .And to be a better platform for all kinds of game fans communicating with each other.


Farmer100 is a nice site for you to sell your runescape account. You can know more about farmer100 by visiting the site mentioned above.


Legit for you to sell items in your account on farmer100

While playing world of warcraft, you can pick up massive pieces of items and as rewards, many items received. What would you do if your baggage is full and you have to spare some room to store these valuable items?

Farmer100 will tell you how to dealing with it. You have two choices to handle this situation.

First, sell it to get some gold in the game.

It is easy for you to find a vendor in the game to sell goods. He will give you some gold right now. But there is a tiny problem that not all items could be sold out. He will choose some of them and pay you gold.Items that vendors don’t want ,you have to put in an auction house.

At that moment, World of Warcraft players have access to two types of auction houses: the faction auction houses and the neutral auction houses. You can set a price for each of your item and then put them in the auction house. You have to pay money to the auction house if you want to sell your items.

Farmer100 introduces the Black Market Auction House to you. You can sell some rare goods on  it to get more money. The BMAH is located within the Veiled Stair area, a northern subregion of the Valley of the Four Winds. A bit to the south-east of the Tavern the Mists you will be able to find Madam Goya, who is the leader of the BMAH.

The second choice, sell your items to get money in reality.

Once you sell your items,you are paid. If you think it’s troublesome to sell items in the game, or you have enough game gold, then a good choice is to sell on farmer100 to make some money. Being a safe and reliable website, Farmer100 provides convenient and efficient service. You can earn some money right after you sell it to farmer100.

If you have any problem, please feel free to visit farmer100.

Earn amount of Gold in World of Warcraft on Farmer100

You must be interesting in how to make gold as mage if you are just a new player in world of warcraft on farmer100. You should know if you intend to make huge mount of gold or you just want to buy some useful items to strengthen your character.

The mage, are known for its magic that can be seen in many forms. The wow can never be complete if there is no one to cast magic. They can use magical energy, frost, and fire to cast spells. How your game role with Mage class can make a huge mount of gold?

Most of Gold Guides will definitely tell you that the mage class is the best class for farming. But, it is more important to know about where to do so. The best place to obtain gold is the Terokkar Forest, specifically around the Allerian Stronghold. There are two creatures that you can attack such as the Warp Stalker and the various kinds of Basilisks. From the Warp Stalker, you can loot the Warped Flesh and sell it at 1.5 gold a piece. You can sell for 2.5 gold if you do have a cooking skill.

Do you know basilisks skill? It would allow you to take the skin off the monster, and acquire a Knothide Leather which can be sold as 2 golds .

Another place is the Outlands. The mage can also attack from far distances. In the Outlands, you can find Nagrand which is one of the best spots to farm for gold by mage class. In Nagrand, you can attack the Voidspawns. Take as much as Mote of Shadows as you can. Ten pieces of Mote of Shadows would earn you a Primal Shadow which sell for 30 gold.

With skill and practice, you can start farming with your mage at level 67. There are about 5 camps of sunfury mobs that you can kill. To start, you should try small groups for practice until you are more comfortable with the surrounding.

You should be able to kill a group of 20 and up with no problem. Even it is very boring and seems wastes time and energy, but it is still one of the fastest and most commonly used methods.

If you want to read more tips about earn gold with mage, there are several mage gold farming guides on internet, that are so much information about it, but you have to avoid some guides that involve hacking, which would cause your accounts wow be banned by administrator of world of warcraft.

Farmer100:It is illegal to hack wow account

While you are trying to level up, you may see a hacker running at top speed though Azahara. It can help you update account level quickly, but using this program is illegal in world of warcraft game. In addition, it will be a trap and compromise your account. Every player should not try this kind of program though it needs your days to reach high levels.

It is not safe to download and visit that hacker program. Some sites are created to key- log wow accounts and infect your computer system. downloading those programs from internet has always been a problem if it’s not validated by some other people.

If you are sure it doesn’t have viruses, World of Warcraft has been running for some years, along with that, Blizzard has been open for longer than wow! With such a long running game, would you expect something other than sophisticated, stealthy, guard programs supervising your every move action to avoid hacking World of Warcraft.


World of warcaft is the most popular MMO game around the world, they do not lose their spot and they just want to keep the game clean and give it the top shape. So, if you were caught by one of these programs, you would be banned once you login in your accounts wow.

If you ever login into the game from a sophisticated program, you’re now in the World of Warcraft world flying up places, doing a bunch of whacky things and climbing up walls. Ok, hundreds of people are able to see you.  As every server has about more than a thousand players online at a time, you’re likely to be seen and caught in no time.

There is game master worked for World of Warcraft, and they have bots telling them if something is awkward in the game. Once they check you out, your wow account would be banned forever.

Blizzard has the ability of Keeping people from hacking, exploits. Do not have any idea of playing illegally behavior. Just speed level step by step!

Opinion on Farmer100 Scam

I read a complaint towards farmer100 posted several days ago. It says that farmer100 is a scam website and it’s not safe. A piece of negative news works like a spot in a glass of pure water. It will influence other costumer’s thoughts. I do like the website after buying game items for several times. The trade is fast and secure without obstacles. The staff is honest and friendly. So I’d like to say something about that.

The website is safe. There is no virus in the website and it is secure enough. Privacy will be protected and won’t be let out. When you submit your personal information to make an order, or sell us an account offering us with your account and password, or sell other items, your information is protected by the website. So the order information is safe in farmer100.

Your payment in farmer100 is safe. You are reminded to ensure your information after submitted to make the buying run smoothly when you make an order. And farmer100 will not deliver you any item if you made a wrong order and you will get your money back then. If the item can’t be delivered to you timely or there is something wrong in delivering, you can get how much you have paid in several days.

Farmer100 provides safe service. As we all know, service is so important to a service provider. Customer’s satisfaction is what farmer100 pursues and bases the success of the business on. Farmer100 is honest, royal and reliable. The staffs are online 24 hours a day in weekdays to serve you, in case that you have any game play issues or have questions in buying. They are patient and friendly. If you don’t get your item in time or what you get is not what you need, just contact them, they will solve any problems as soon as possible.

Farmer100 provides the most competitive prices with highest quality. You can find all these virtual goods farmer100 sells are cheap, but of high qualities. Farmer100 aims to provide more convenient service for all game players all over the world, to make all players have more fun in the game world and to be a better platform for all kinds of game fans communicating with each other.

Farmer100 is a reliable website, you can trust it. And what is in my mind is that no one is perfect, even saints can make a mistake. Instead of posting a complaint towards the website, you should give the website a chance and time to prove to you that they are not a scam website, but a professional one.

Farmer100 is a safe site no scam! Farmer100 is where to buy world of warcraft accounts.

Farmer100 Ccomplaint about RuneScape

Runescape is popular around the world. It is a paradise for game players. We can do a variety of things in gaming time, just like your real life. So there is a great need of runescape account, runescape gold and runescape items.Farmer100 is the best choice for you to buy these items. Cheap but high quality goods are for sale in the website.


Some person complains that his buying runescape item in farmer100 is not succeeded. He does not get the item or the account within a promised time. So he regards the site farmer100 as a scam website.


Farmer100 is an honest and reliable site. And there is no scam, no cheat happens in farmer100. The site was established in 2007. It is specialized in game currency, game accounts and other customized service. Farmer100 aims to provide more convenient service for all game players all over the world, to make all players have more fun in the game world and to be a better platform for all kinds of game fans communicating with each other.


Some orders can’t be finished because of several reasons. Perhaps there is tiny information that does not match your real information. Then your order will actually not be accepted by the site. So you won’t receive your items.

Sometimes the wanted account is closed or there exists trouble in delivering it to you because the auto system is updating. Please give more patience and trust farmer100, all problems can be solved. Farmer100 is trustful, no scam and no cheat.

games in farmer100 no fraud!

Since 2004, World of warcraft is so popular that many players gather to the game all over the world. But recently, wow lost many players because of a declining rate of game players. To bring new players and call back these old players, Blizzard launched World of Warcraft resurrection scrolls to regain popularity.

These resurrection scrolls are used to encourage existed players to enthusiastically invite their friends to join the game. As long as a new player joins in the game, no matter which side he choose, he will get quick upgrade incentives and free mounts.

Mists of Pandaria is going to meet players in September. To support it, the resurrection scroll also applies a new specialization and talent of new information systems to Mists. And both new players and old players in the game are allowed back to select a new specialization. But the effect of the reel does not work on the new monk career. So it seems that those monks can use the most traditional way to rise to the full level only.

World of warcraft is always among the most popular MMORPGs. The scroll makes it more interesting and appealing. May be you are a new beginner or just want to play it, just have a try and make yourself happy in the game. Moreover, wow allows you to play with your friends in reality. You can have fun together with your friends. The first step is to buy a wow account and then you can enjoy yourself in a paradise of gaming.

If you are an old player of the game, you can find new and different places in the game, and it brings something new and thrill to you.
To play world of warcraft in farmer100 is suggested. A fully functional website, farmer100 is a better platform for all kinds of game fans to communicate with each other. Farmer100 aims at providing more convenient service for all game players all over the world, and making all players have more fun in the world of game. If you have any question about world of warcraft, you could receive help from farmer100 and solve your problems in the platform. Also, enthusiastic as you are, you can help other players at