How to Train Fast in Runescape

Do you get bored in training your Runescape account? It really takes a lot of time to get high level skills. But we still want to kick butt in the dual arena, don’t we? So is there any good way to make level up and have fun at the same time? It’s a question that a lot of runescape players face to.

As we all know, it is very hard to level up quickly when you’re bored out of your mind. You will find that you have a sudden urge to go work on other skills like fishing, woodcutting, mining, or anything besides combat. Follow the steps you will level up a runescape account fastly.

First, register a runescape account on runescape official website and finish the tutorial. Then go to bob’s axes. Once out of the cellar, according to your compass and map, run down to bob’s axes, south of the lumbridge castle gate. Since you are level three, the druids will attack you, just sneak around them. Then go to varrock, head to the big bank. At there, you can begin to chop down trees then deposit the logs in your bank. In this way you can increase woodcutting skill easily.

Go to the grant exchange and sell your logs. Make sure to take them out of your bank as a note. After you get the money, store it in your bank. When you are level 15 woodcutting, buy a black hatchet, it will make woodcutting faster. Keep leveling up, to about level 10, then head to the grand exchange and buy some black armour, then head to the strongholds of security and player safety, finish them, and accept your reward.

Well, if you think it takes a long time to get the runescape account level up, you can choose to buy a good account on website. There are many websites can provide runescape accounts, for example, it can provide cheap runescape account and gold.


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