Free Runescape Money Making Guide

If you have no money, you can do little things. This is also true in Runescape. So, Runescape players want to make their Runescape accounts rich. There are many Runescape money making guides on website (farmer100 blog is a good one), and now I want to share my experience on free Runescape money making.

The best money making skills are fishing and woodcutting.

Part one–Fishing

Fishing is one of my favorite skills to make money. Fishing can allows you to fish for food and you can sell the fish to other players for cash. It is a good skill to make money, but you need to get to level 40. It makes more cash than woodcutting. You can train your fishing skill by fly and drop fish. Once you start fishing, you will catch shrimp to start out with. It may very slow, but gets patience, you will get an inventory full of shrimp. When you reached level 40 fishing, go buy a lobster port and deposit the lobbies in your bank. Repeat this until you get 1k lobster. When reach level 60, you can start harpooning fish and store the swordfish in your bank, and then sell the swordfish. You can get a lot of money from it. Continue this process, and you will become quite successful in Runescape. Most players say fishing is probably one of the most easiest and profitable skills on Runescape. Just try it.

Part two–Woodcutting

Woodcutting is also a good way to make cash. It is one of the simplest skills of Runescape because there are trees scattered all over Runescape. Like fishing skill, woodcutting is also a very profitable skill, but you need to get a high woodcutting level to start earning money.

At level 1 you can cut Normal, Dead and Evergreen trees. After you raise woodcutting to 30 you can chop willows. Willows go very fast and you can get 30-40 by selling these willows. This allows you to make money fast. Once you reach level 50, chop maples and sell them. The maples are moderately high in demand. Continue this process until you reach 60 or 70 woodcutting. If you have 70 woodcuttings, you will be able to chop yews very easily. The yew seeds are a little expensive at times, but well worth it if you plan on cutting there often. At level 75, you can cut the Magic Logs. You can buy a dragon woodcutting axe for you and make millions a week on magics.

This is the two major ways to make money. Of course there are many other ways to get gold in Runescape. If you want to know more, you can come to farmer100. There are a lot of players sharing their experience on Runescape, such as Runescape account, Runescape gold, Runescape guide.


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