Fast Train RuneScape Range

In RuneScape, range is a skill that can attack element from a distance. There exists a combat triangle among range, magic and melee. Today I’d like to talk the good places to train runescape range.

Levels 1-15: If you are a beginner on RuneScape and your range skill is at level 1, you’d better to start slow. Train your range skill on Hobgoblins until you reach around level 15. When you cross the spot which is near Lumbrige, take a left and there will be Hobgoblins all around the walking path and in the hut to the left of the walking path.

Levels 16-50: You can train on Barbarians at BarbariansVillage. But my favorite place is under the hut at Hill Giants. You need a brass key to get in the hut, and one in the hut, go down the ladder. The Hill Giants often drop Limpwroots, don’t hesitate to pick them up, and you can make some good cash.

Level 50-70: Train on Pest Control. At here, you might hit low and get low experience, but don’t worry, you will get fast experience from the points you earn. In this way, you needn’t take too long to level up.

If you don’t have time to train the range skill but want to experience the high level pleasure, you can come to farmer100 to get a cheap but desirable RuneScape account.


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