Legit for you to sell items in your account on farmer100

While playing world of warcraft, you can pick up massive pieces of items and as rewards, many items received. What would you do if your baggage is full and you have to spare some room to store these valuable items?

Farmer100 will tell you how to dealing with it. You have two choices to handle this situation.

First, sell it to get some gold in the game.

It is easy for you to find a vendor in the game to sell goods. He will give you some gold right now. But there is a tiny problem that not all items could be sold out. He will choose some of them and pay you gold.Items that vendors don’t want ,you have to put in an auction house.

At that moment, World of Warcraft players have access to two types of auction houses: the faction auction houses and the neutral auction houses. You can set a price for each of your item and then put them in the auction house. You have to pay money to the auction house if you want to sell your items.

Farmer100 introduces the Black Market Auction House to you. You can sell some rare goods on  it to get more money. The BMAH is located within the Veiled Stair area, a northern subregion of the Valley of the Four Winds. A bit to the south-east of the Tavern the Mists you will be able to find Madam Goya, who is the leader of the BMAH.

The second choice, sell your items to get money in reality.

Once you sell your items,you are paid. If you think it’s troublesome to sell items in the game, or you have enough game gold, then a good choice is to sell on farmer100 to make some money. Being a safe and reliable website, Farmer100 provides convenient and efficient service. You can earn some money right after you sell it to farmer100.

If you have any problem, please feel free to visit farmer100.


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