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Mark answer questions over runescape

How will we be able to obtain the offhanded weapons? Specialty Shops? Monster Drops? Smithing? Will these be available to sell on the GE and how do you imagine this will affect the economy? These questions are answered here.

This is one of the exciting things from me about the system. I felt for a while that smiths and crafters haven’t really had much to add.Back from classic days the main ways to achieve rune equipment and things like that was to actually buy it from player smiths. That has kind of changed over the years. We’ve added those things to drop tables but we haven’t added things for those smiths to actually make. When the system goes live, crafters and smiths will find that they’ll have a whole shed load of things that they can do now. We would expect the majority of offhand equipment to come into the game via crafters and player smiths. Some of the really high-level stuff will come in specifically from boss monster drops as well. We’re doing that to refresh the drop tables of monsters, particularly with monsters that people feel they can’t be bothered to go and fight because they just don’t get enough return from them. For me it’s really exciting because we’re giving more things for player smiths and player crafters to do and we’re refreshing some of the drop tables of some of the older boss monsters.

In case anyone doesn’t know, offhand weapons are specifically for dual-wielders because the new combat system will give the ability to wield a weapon in your offhand. The current system would only allow you to hold a shield or a defender, something like that, in that hand, or there are a few sort of jokey things that you can put there. The new system, if you don’t want to go two-handed mode then you can do really cool things with your offhand. You can go in with dual scimitars or a long sword and a crossbow. There are all sorts of cool stuff you can do with the new system. So the answer to the question is that they’ll mostly come in from player crafters and player smiths with some top end stuff coming from boss monsters, really refreshing the old game.

Have more fun with your runescape accounts.


How to Access the God Wars Dungeon

Traverse Trollheim and locate the entrance to the dungeon, just to the north.


•     You must have defeated Dad in the Troll Stronghold quest.

•     60 Strength or 60 Agility

•     Each god’s section has a separate entry requirement:

•     Saradomin: 70 Agility

•     Armadyl: 70 Ranged

•     Zamorak: 700 life points

•     Bandos: 70 Strength

•     This is extremely dangerous high-level content, featuring multi-way combat against some of the deadliest monsters in RuneScape. A high combat level is a must, and you should bring the most powerful equipment that you can afford to lose.

Behind the Scenes Video

a significant software update from Oracle to their Java platform have been made in runescape. Jagex ensures that its games are compatible with all updates of this nature, and will always make any changes necessary to ensure that they operate as they should. Then you are encouraged to install all Java updates as soon as they become available.have more fun with your runescape account.

•     The entire human base model set has been updated to use the same version as in the Evolution of Combat Beta.

Jagex Account Guardian- New Protector in RuneScape

RuneScape has received a security update, which is called the Jagex Account Guardian, to better protect users against account hijacking. Released in 2001, runescape has been there for over 11 years now. Along with the growth of runescape, there are some changes and updates. And now comes the newest one, the Jagex Account Guardian.


The new Jagex Account Guardian feature allows runescape players to tie their accounts to specific computers. To protect players even though the username and password of their accounts are taken and to access accounts from unregistered devices, there requires a series of additional security questions.


How does Jagex Account Guardian work?

It is simple to understand it. Players who access their account settings will be able to enable J.A.G. as one of the many options there. Once activated, users assign which devices they use to play to associate J.A.G. with. If any other device not assigned is used to access the account J.A.G. springs into action prompting a series of validations that must be completed to ensure the account is not being hijacked.


When enabling JAG, you will be asked to answer five security questions, and then to add trusted devices to your account. These trusted devices will be the only devices authorized to access your account. It’s really cool that JAG is available to all players. Every player has the access to it. There’s no limitation to how many trusted devices one account can have, you can add new devices at anytime and can have as many as you would like. Devices can be given access on a temporary or permanent basis. It is rather flexible that you can add and remove devices whenever you like, which is easy to be done. It’s also really easy to set up and use the JAG. What’s more, if these devices are unrecognized, JAG will block them and then send you an email alert.


To help keep your runescape account safe, the Jagex Account Guardian does help, which enhances your account security very quickly and easily. JAG is a significant upgrade to the existing security measures. It is very clear to us how much your runescape account means to you and how much time and effort you’ve invested in it. What a big loss if the account is unfortunately lost to a hijacker or a phishing scam. There always are some unsavory people who spend their whole time just thinking up new ways to try to hijack your account runescape. So to make full use of the JAG is a smart choice.

Evolution of Combat Q&A

RuneScape’s lead designer will be joined by combat developers Mod Chris L and Mod Pi in live stream on RuneScape’s Live YouTube Feed!


In addition to the questions that are already compiled from runescape forums and social networks, we’ll be taking ‘EoC’ questions live during the stream so be sure to get your questions in either via The Official Forum Thread! Or on RuneScape’s Twitter using the hashtag #RSLive!


As always, Mod Paul M will be on hand as your host, pitching the tough questions on your behalf and making sure that all the key points get tackled.

The Evolution of Combat is one of the largest content updates ever, so be sure to tune into the YouTube Feed and join runescape live from Jagex HQ!

Winners of Jagex Clan Cup 2012

This year, thousands of clan members rose to the challenge in an effort to help their clans reign supreme in the annual Jagex Clan Cup.

Battles raged, skillers were united and the clan community showed fantastic dedication, commitment and inspiring determination to be named Clan Cup winners.

Tradition dictates that the winners names will be engraved on the Clan Cup plaque and stand for all time in RuneScape history, and the names will become visible to the good people of Gielinor with effect from the next game update.

You can see the plaque near the castle in Lumbridge, Edgeville and Clan Wars.

Only 3 names can join the plaque, the winners of the Combat Cup, Skilling Cup and the Combined Cup.

*drum roll*

•      Combat Cup 2012 Winners: Violent Resolution

•      Skilling Cup 2012 Winners: Skill Shock

•      Combined Cup 2012 Winners: Basedin2minutes

The mini-tournament winners also gain special mention in this news announcement for their success and achievements in their specialist areas. Varying combat level of runescape accounts as well as free and member players all had opportunity to take part in this element of the Cup, and we are delighted to proclaim the winners:

•      P2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament Winners: Blood Vipers

•      F2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament Winners: Dutch Generation

•      P2P Fullout Mini-Tournament Winners: Violent Resolution

•      Community Mini-Tournament Winners: India Inc

•      Under 90 Combat Mini-Tournament Winners: The Summon Tanks

•      Over 115 Combat Mini-Tournament Winners: Divine Forces

There will be more events in runescape. Let’s look forward for it.

Daily Challenges and Noticeboard in RuneScape

Daily Challenges

The Burthorpe Imperial Guard needs you! Members of all levels can now take on Daily Challenges: varied goals which, when completed, grant a healthy chunk of XP in the skill of your choice.

Each day, you’ll be assigned a new Daily Challenge that you have the skill levels to fulfill. You can find out what this is through the new Noticeboard interface (more on that later).

These could be anything from culling the dagannoth population or brewing super prayer restore potions to cooking pies or growing watermelons. You can get hold of the materials you need however you like, but you’ll need to complete at least the final stage of the process yourself. For example: if you’re tasked with fletching yew longbows, you can buy the strings and bow shafts ready-made from the Grand Exchange and then put the bows together to complete the Daily Challenge.

When you’re done, head it over to Burthorpe and report to the quartermaster for your reward. As you’ll have to hand in any items that you’re required to make, you’ll be reimbursed with a challenge mystery bag, containing goods equivalent in value to any materials you had to use. On top of this, you’ll get a hefty XP reward in the skill related to your completed Daily Challenge, as well as a spin on the Squeal of Fortune. Up to five of your most recently assigned Daily Challenges will be saved if not completed, so you can catch up if you miss out on a day or two.

Overcoming the thousands of Challenges that Gielinor can throw at you for sack-loads of XP and all expenses paid? Challenge accepted!

The Noticeboard

Gielinor is a vast place, filled with wonders, perils and riches aplenty, so sometimes the hardest thing knows what to do next! That’s no longer a problem, with the introduction of the Noticeboard – the one-stop interface for all of your RuneScape adventures.

The Noticeboard – accessible anywhere via its icon in the bottom-right of the screen – brings the new Daily Challenge system together with the existing Quest Journal and Task Lists (now called Achievements) in one handy interface. For members, there’s also a ‘Minigames’ tab, which directs you to Minigame or D&D content that’s accessible to you, of the type that you want to play. To top it off, we’ve also included a ‘Featured’ tab, which picks out the best content that RuneScape has to offer that’s suited to your levels, so you’re never short of awesome content to experience.

Have fun with your runescape account!

Thieving Skill in my Farmer100 Runescape Account

When it comes to Thieving, I would like to share some of my opinions with all friends.

I love thieving skill very much. Thieving can bring me with heaps of money, stacks of runes and enticing valuables. I feel excited when I get something from others in a fantastic speed. Master the Thievery skill allows one to pocket any NPC, can pick any lock and steal from any stall.

Pick pocketing is the most basic method of thieving. Some loot and thieving experience are easy to gain if succeeded. However if unluckily not, the NPC will stun you for about 4 seconds and there will be damage done to you, the amount depends on the NPC. When stunned, you will see and hear birds circling your head and be unable to walk or pickpocket. Meanwhile, you can eat food or use some other method to heal your life points or drop unwanted bounty.

Practice makes perfect. The higher thieving level you reach, the less likely you are to be caught by your victims.

Stealing from stalls also rocks. The Ardougne marketplace contains the largest number of RuneScape stalls. But every coin has two sides. There are some complications in stealing from stalls. If a stall owner or a hired guard notices a thieving attempt, you will be blocked from taking the goods for a short duration and he will yell at you.

Picking locks is a great way of getting some loot. Some players are unwilling to share their belongings so they try to lock them away. Being able to pick these locks and disarming traps on doors can lead to interesting regions of RuneScape that would have been otherwise blocked. A lockpick is necessary for some doors. You can steal it from Rogues or buy one from other players.

This skill is so interesting and Runescape is so amazing. I get my runescape account in farmer100 and always play with it. I will always love it. And you?