New Feature in RuneScape on Farmer100

Do you like playing runescape? I always like to play it on farmer100.

As we all know the RuneScape Evolution of Combat Beta provides various abilities for enjoying the players. What’s more there also are some new features in the beta. In the next content I will introduce the Dual wielding in runescape.

In the first place, Dual wielding is useful for increasing their damage output. As the saying goes, two is better than one! Players now can dual-wield weaponry. Clicking new “off-hand” items which have been added to the game will help the roles to equip items in the left hand, which means players enable to wield two weapons at a time.

Secondly the new features include daggers, scimitars and maces, but also ranged weaponry! Crossbows can now be dual-wielded, along with other ranged weaponry favorites, such as throwing knifes and darts.

What’s more! Mages will have access to new wands, books and magical orb items which, when wielded in both hands, will double the speed at which you can auto-cast magic. Perfect for raining fiery death upon your foes!

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you want to know more new features in runescape, the best way is to attend to the runescape beta. These new feature will advance the experience of playing.


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