Thieving Skill in my Farmer100 Runescape Account

When it comes to Thieving, I would like to share some of my opinions with all friends.

I love thieving skill very much. Thieving can bring me with heaps of money, stacks of runes and enticing valuables. I feel excited when I get something from others in a fantastic speed. Master the Thievery skill allows one to pocket any NPC, can pick any lock and steal from any stall.

Pick pocketing is the most basic method of thieving. Some loot and thieving experience are easy to gain if succeeded. However if unluckily not, the NPC will stun you for about 4 seconds and there will be damage done to you, the amount depends on the NPC. When stunned, you will see and hear birds circling your head and be unable to walk or pickpocket. Meanwhile, you can eat food or use some other method to heal your life points or drop unwanted bounty.

Practice makes perfect. The higher thieving level you reach, the less likely you are to be caught by your victims.

Stealing from stalls also rocks. The Ardougne marketplace contains the largest number of RuneScape stalls. But every coin has two sides. There are some complications in stealing from stalls. If a stall owner or a hired guard notices a thieving attempt, you will be blocked from taking the goods for a short duration and he will yell at you.

Picking locks is a great way of getting some loot. Some players are unwilling to share their belongings so they try to lock them away. Being able to pick these locks and disarming traps on doors can lead to interesting regions of RuneScape that would have been otherwise blocked. A lockpick is necessary for some doors. You can steal it from Rogues or buy one from other players.

This skill is so interesting and Runescape is so amazing. I get my runescape account in farmer100 and always play with it. I will always love it. And you?


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