Winners of Jagex Clan Cup 2012

This year, thousands of clan members rose to the challenge in an effort to help their clans reign supreme in the annual Jagex Clan Cup.

Battles raged, skillers were united and the clan community showed fantastic dedication, commitment and inspiring determination to be named Clan Cup winners.

Tradition dictates that the winners names will be engraved on the Clan Cup plaque and stand for all time in RuneScape history, and the names will become visible to the good people of Gielinor with effect from the next game update.

You can see the plaque near the castle in Lumbridge, Edgeville and Clan Wars.

Only 3 names can join the plaque, the winners of the Combat Cup, Skilling Cup and the Combined Cup.

*drum roll*

•      Combat Cup 2012 Winners: Violent Resolution

•      Skilling Cup 2012 Winners: Skill Shock

•      Combined Cup 2012 Winners: Basedin2minutes

The mini-tournament winners also gain special mention in this news announcement for their success and achievements in their specialist areas. Varying combat level of runescape accounts as well as free and member players all had opportunity to take part in this element of the Cup, and we are delighted to proclaim the winners:

•      P2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament Winners: Blood Vipers

•      F2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament Winners: Dutch Generation

•      P2P Fullout Mini-Tournament Winners: Violent Resolution

•      Community Mini-Tournament Winners: India Inc

•      Under 90 Combat Mini-Tournament Winners: The Summon Tanks

•      Over 115 Combat Mini-Tournament Winners: Divine Forces

There will be more events in runescape. Let’s look forward for it.


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