Jagex Account Guardian- New Protector in RuneScape

RuneScape has received a security update, which is called the Jagex Account Guardian, to better protect users against account hijacking. Released in 2001, runescape has been there for over 11 years now. Along with the growth of runescape, there are some changes and updates. And now comes the newest one, the Jagex Account Guardian.


The new Jagex Account Guardian feature allows runescape players to tie their accounts to specific computers. To protect players even though the username and password of their accounts are taken and to access accounts from unregistered devices, there requires a series of additional security questions.


How does Jagex Account Guardian work?

It is simple to understand it. Players who access their account settings will be able to enable J.A.G. as one of the many options there. Once activated, users assign which devices they use to play to associate J.A.G. with. If any other device not assigned is used to access the account J.A.G. springs into action prompting a series of validations that must be completed to ensure the account is not being hijacked.


When enabling JAG, you will be asked to answer five security questions, and then to add trusted devices to your account. These trusted devices will be the only devices authorized to access your account. It’s really cool that JAG is available to all players. Every player has the access to it. There’s no limitation to how many trusted devices one account can have, you can add new devices at anytime and can have as many as you would like. Devices can be given access on a temporary or permanent basis. It is rather flexible that you can add and remove devices whenever you like, which is easy to be done. It’s also really easy to set up and use the JAG. What’s more, if these devices are unrecognized, JAG will block them and then send you an email alert.


To help keep your runescape account safe, the Jagex Account Guardian does help, which enhances your account security very quickly and easily. JAG is a significant upgrade to the existing security measures. It is very clear to us how much your runescape account means to you and how much time and effort you’ve invested in it. What a big loss if the account is unfortunately lost to a hijacker or a phishing scam. There always are some unsavory people who spend their whole time just thinking up new ways to try to hijack your account runescape. So to make full use of the JAG is a smart choice.


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