How to Access the God Wars Dungeon

Traverse Trollheim and locate the entrance to the dungeon, just to the north.


•     You must have defeated Dad in the Troll Stronghold quest.

•     60 Strength or 60 Agility

•     Each god’s section has a separate entry requirement:

•     Saradomin: 70 Agility

•     Armadyl: 70 Ranged

•     Zamorak: 700 life points

•     Bandos: 70 Strength

•     This is extremely dangerous high-level content, featuring multi-way combat against some of the deadliest monsters in RuneScape. A high combat level is a must, and you should bring the most powerful equipment that you can afford to lose.

Behind the Scenes Video

a significant software update from Oracle to their Java platform have been made in runescape. Jagex ensures that its games are compatible with all updates of this nature, and will always make any changes necessary to ensure that they operate as they should. Then you are encouraged to install all Java updates as soon as they become available.have more fun with your runescape account.

•     The entire human base model set has been updated to use the same version as in the Evolution of Combat Beta.


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