Mark answer questions over runescape

How will we be able to obtain the offhanded weapons? Specialty Shops? Monster Drops? Smithing? Will these be available to sell on the GE and how do you imagine this will affect the economy? These questions are answered here.

This is one of the exciting things from me about the system. I felt for a while that smiths and crafters haven’t really had much to add.Back from classic days the main ways to achieve rune equipment and things like that was to actually buy it from player smiths. That has kind of changed over the years. We’ve added those things to drop tables but we haven’t added things for those smiths to actually make. When the system goes live, crafters and smiths will find that they’ll have a whole shed load of things that they can do now. We would expect the majority of offhand equipment to come into the game via crafters and player smiths. Some of the really high-level stuff will come in specifically from boss monster drops as well. We’re doing that to refresh the drop tables of monsters, particularly with monsters that people feel they can’t be bothered to go and fight because they just don’t get enough return from them. For me it’s really exciting because we’re giving more things for player smiths and player crafters to do and we’re refreshing some of the drop tables of some of the older boss monsters.

In case anyone doesn’t know, offhand weapons are specifically for dual-wielders because the new combat system will give the ability to wield a weapon in your offhand. The current system would only allow you to hold a shield or a defender, something like that, in that hand, or there are a few sort of jokey things that you can put there. The new system, if you don’t want to go two-handed mode then you can do really cool things with your offhand. You can go in with dual scimitars or a long sword and a crossbow. There are all sorts of cool stuff you can do with the new system. So the answer to the question is that they’ll mostly come in from player crafters and player smiths with some top end stuff coming from boss monsters, really refreshing the old game.

Have more fun with your runescape accounts.


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