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If you are a fan if video games, you will know the importance of email and password. Some customers of Farmer100 told that they were afraid the risk of losing password, so they were very conflicted whether to buy a game account or not on Farmer100. Farmer100 can certify for farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit. Farmer100 safe center can give you some tips on setting a security code.

Farmer100 safe center reminds you to set a complex password in order to make sure the security of your account. Farmer100 safe center thinks it is best not to set a regular password for it is easy to figure out. So, how to set a security password for your account? You can adopt the following tips recommended by farmer100 safe center.

1.    The password length better arranges from 6 to 20 characters.
2.    Use the combination of English letters and numbers to set a password, such as asiuwe253, wfreg694. Don’t set regular passwords as much as possible, for example 123456aaa. Farmer100 safe center have seen many similar cases like this losing their accounts.
3.    Avoid the following passwords:
Use your username as your password. If you set a password like this, Farmer100 safe center thinks your password are at high risk for hacking.
Use your telephone number, fax number, post code or email address as your password. Farmer100 safe center regards this as a bad password for you need to provide the above information on a lot of websites.
Use continuous letters or numbers as your passwords. Farmer100 safe center list some bad passwords like that: 123456, 987654, abcdef.
Use the same letter and digital as your password. Such as 111111, aaaaaa. Farmer100 safe center reminds you these passwords can easily be stolen.
Use a part of your username as your password. For example, if your username is fafi1234566, you’d better not use 1234566 as your password.
Use your name or birthday as your passwords. Such as lucy, 091020.

If you are using the password like the above mentioned, change it as soon as possible. Farmer100 safe center each business on farmer100 is safe and reduces farmer100 complaints. If you need further help, you can ask farme100 live chat for help.


Farmer100 :Disarray, millions without power in Sandy’s wake

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The most devastating storm in decades to hit the country’s most densely populated region upended man and nature as it rolled back the clock on 21st-century lives, cutting off modern communication and leaving millions without power Tuesday as thousands who fled their water-menaced homes wondered when — if — life would return to normal. farmer100 review

A weakening Sandy, the hurricane turned fearsome superstorm, killed at least 50 people, many hit by falling trees, and still wasn’t finished. It inched inland across Pennsylvania, ready to bank toward western New York to dump more of its water and likely cause more havoc Tuesday night.  Behind it: a dazed, inundated New York City, a waterlogged Atlantic Coast and a moonscape of disarray and debris — from unmoored shore-town boardwalks to submerged mass-transit systems to delicate presidential politics.

“Nature,” said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, assessing the damage to his city, “is an awful lot more powerful than we are.”

More than 8.2 million households were without power in 17 states as far west as Michigan. Nearly 2 million of those were in New York, where large swaths of lower Manhattan lost electricity and entire streets ended up underwater — as did seven subway tunnels between Manhattan and Brooklyn at one point, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said.farmer100 reviews

The New York Stock Exchange was closed for a second day from weather, the first time that has happened since a blizzard in 1888. The shutdown of mass transit crippled a city where more than 8.3 million bus, subway and local rail trips are taken each day, and 800,000 vehicles cross bridges run by the transit agency.

Consolidated Edison said electricity in and around New York could take a week to restore.

“Everybody knew it was coming. Unfortunately, it was everything they said it was,” said Sal Novello, a construction executive who rode out the storm with his wife, Lori, in the Long Island town of Lindenhurst, and ended up with 7 feet of water in the basement.

The scope of the storm’s damage wasn’t known yet. Though early predictions of river flooding in Sandy’s inland path were petering out, colder temperatures made snow the main product of Sandy’s slow march from the sea. Parts of the West Virginia mountains were blanketed with 2 feet of snow by Tuesday afternoon, and drifts 4 feet deep were reported at Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the Tennessee-North Carolina border.

With Election Day a week away, the storm also threatened to affect the presidential campaign. Federal disaster response, always a dicey political issue, has become even thornier since government mismanagement of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. And poll access and voter turnout, both of which hinge upon how people are impacted by the storm, could help shift the outcome in an extremely close race.farmer100 safe

As organized civilization came roaring back Tuesday in the form of emergency response, recharged cellphones and the reassurance of daylight, harrowing stories and pastiches emerged from Maryland north to Rhode Island in the hours after Sandy’s howling winds and tidal surges shoved water over seaside barriers, into low-lying streets and up from coastal storm drains.

Images from around the storm-affected areas depicted scenes reminiscent of big-budget disaster movies. In Atlantic City, N.J., a gaping hole remained where once a stretch of boardwalk sat by the sea. In Queens, N.Y., rubble from a fire that destroyed as many as 100 houses in an evacuated beachfront neighborhood jutted into the air at ugly angles against a gray sky. In heavily flooded Hoboken, N.J., across the Hudson River from Manhattan, dozens of yellow cabs sat parked in rows, submerged in murky water to their windshields. At the ground zero construction site in lower Manhattan, seawater rushed into a gaping hole under harsh floodlights.farmer100 legit

One of the most dramatic tales came from lower Manhattan, where a failed backup generator forced New York University’s Langone Medical Center to relocate more than 200 patients, including 20 babies from neonatal intensive care. Dozens of ambulances lined up in the rainy night and the tiny patients were gingerly moved out, some attached to battery-powered respirators as gusts of wind blew their blankets.

In Moonachie, N.J., 10 miles north of Manhattan, water rose to 5 feet within 45 minutes and trapped residents who thought the worst of the storm had passed. Mobile-home park resident Juan Allen said water overflowed a 2-foot wall along a nearby creek, filling the area with 2 to 3 feet of water within 15 minutes. “I saw trees not just knocked down but ripped right out of the ground,” he said. “I watched a tree crush a guy’s house like a wet sponge.”

In a measure of its massive size, waves on southern Lake Michigan rose to a record-tying 20.3 feet. High winds spinning off Sandy’s edges clobbered the Cleveland area early Tuesday, uprooting trees, closing schools and flooding major roads along Lake Erie.farmer100 runescape

Most along the East Coast, though, grappled with an experience like Bertha Weismann of Bridgeport, Conn.— frightening, inconvenient and financially problematic but, overall, endurable. Her garage was flooded and she lost power, but she was grateful. “I feel like we are blessed,” she said. “It could have been worse.”

The presidential candidates’ campaign maneuverings Tuesday revealed the delicacy of the need to look presidential in a crisis without appearing to capitalize on a disaster. President Barack Obama canceled a third straight day of campaigning, scratching events scheduled for Wednesday in swing-state Ohio, in Sandy’s path. Republican Mitt Romney resumed his campaign with plans for an Ohio rally billed as a “storm relief event.”

And the weather posed challenges a week out for how to get everyone out to vote. On the hard-hit New Jersey coastline, a county elections chief said some polling places on barrier islands will be unusable and have to be moved.

“This is the biggest challenge we’ve ever had,” said George R. Gilmore, chairman of the Ocean County Board of Elections.

By Tuesday afternoon, there were still only hints of the economic impact of the storm. Airports remained closed across the East Coast and far beyond as tens of thousands of travelers found they couldn’t get where they were going.

Forecasting firm IHS Global Insight predicted the storm will end up causing about $20 billion in damages and $10 billion to $30 billion in lost business. Another firm, AIR Worldwide, estimated losses up to $15 billion — big numbers probably offset by reconstruction and repairs that will contribute to longer-term growth.

“The biggest problem is not the first few days but the coming months,” said Alan Rubin, an expert in nature disaster recovery.

Sandy began in the Atlantic and knocked around the Caribbean — killing nearly 70 people — and strengthened into a hurricane as it chugged across the southeastern coast of the United States. By Tuesday night it had ebbed in strength but was joining up with another, more wintry storm — an expected confluence of weather systems that earned it nicknames like “superstorm” and, on Halloween eve, “Frankenstorm.”

It became, pretty much everyone agreed Tuesday, the weather event of a lifetime — and one shared vigorously on social media by people in Sandy’s path who took eye-popping photographs as the storm blew through, then shared them with the world by the blue light of their smartphones.

On Twitter , Facebook and the photo-sharing service Instagram, people tried to connect, reassure relatives and make sense of what was happening — and, in many cases, work to authenticate reports of destruction and storm surges. They posted and passed around images and real-time updates at a dizzying rate, wishing each other well and gaping, virtually, at scenes of calamity moments after they unfolded. Among the top terms on Facebook through the night and well into Tuesday, according to the social network: “we are OK,” ”made it” and “fine.”

Around midday Tuesday, Sandy was about 120 miles east of Pittsburgh, pushing westward with winds of 45 mph, and was expected to turn toward New York State on Tuesday night. Although weakening as it goes, the storm will continue to bring heavy rain and flooding, said Daniel Brown of the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Atlantic City’s fabled Boardwalk, the first in the nation, lost several blocks when Sandy came through, though the majority of it remained intact even as other Jersey Shore boardwalks were dismantled. What damage could be seen on the coastline Tuesday was, in some locations, staggering — “unthinkable,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said of what unfolded along the Jersey Shore, where houses were swept from their foundations and amusement park rides were washed into the ocean. “Beyond anything I thought I would ever see.”

Resident Carol Mason returned to her bayfront home to carpets that squished as she stepped on them. She made her final mortgage payment just last week. Facing a mandatory evacuation order, she had tried to ride out the storm at first but then saw the waters rising outside her bathroom window and quickly reconsidered.

“I looked at the bay and saw the fury in it,” she said. “I knew it was time to go.”
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Farmer100: How to Manage Customer Complaints?

Complaint is a concrete manifestation of customers’ satisfaction with products or service. It is a good way to obtain external feedback for enterprises from the customer complaints. We can ultimately bring benefit to company by properly managing customer complaints, timely making up mistakes and improving customer satisfaction. Farmer100 always takes a right attitude towards farmer100 complaints. If you have any dissatisfaction with farmer100, you can contact farmer100 or farmer100 live chat to give a solution.

Now, farmer100 is going to talk about how to make customer complaints smoothly passed in company. According to farmer100’s experience, the customer complaints have directions. Sometimes, some corporate employees’ first reaction to complaint is to cover it up which will make the customers more angry. Sometimes, customer complaints were solved by the customer service staff but the upper didn’t know what complaints had occurred. So, it is vital for company managers to let customer complaints smoothly passed within the company or even passed to the decision-making levels.

At first, farmer100 thinks we need a customer complain channels. For example, the Lenove Company has a specialized call center. In this center, the professional staffs help customer handle the complaints. The number of the center is told to customers by company printers, warranty certificate and stores. In this way, nearly 90% of the complaints are passed to the customer service department. Farmer100 will also have a customer center like that. Once it is established, farmer100 live chat and farmer100 farmers will treat these complaints with serious attitude.

After the customer complaints have been passed into the company, there is a process for the complaints to pass up. Farmer100 often classify customer complaints. This method is good for farmer100 to see the real reason of complaints and give timely feedback.

When there appears complaints about your company, analyze the reason and give customers feedback as soon as possible. Only in this way, can companies improve their impress on customers. Farmer100 has always been to do so. You can get farmer100 review, farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit information on Farmer100 website. Besides, you can also level your message on the Farmer100 new website.

farmer100 safe: Sandy wreaks havoc on New York City

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Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City on Monday, reportedly killing one person, causing a crane to collapse and the facade of a four-story building to crumble.

NBC4 in New York reported a 30-year-old man died when a tree fell on his home in Queens and almost 500,000 New Yorkers were without power according to CNN Weather. (farmer100 review)

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said on CNN that police evacuated the buildings and streets surrounding a $1.5 billion high-rise where a crane came partially unhinged. He also said no one was injured after a building’s facade crumbled in Manhattan.

The crane toppled around 2 p.m. ET on Monday, authorities said. Meteorologists told the AP that winds atop the 74-story building could have been close to 95 mph. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the cause of the collapse was unclear.

A Yahoo News editor in Brooklyn reported East River flooding near the Williamsburg Bridge. Officials closed all bridges and tunnels connected to Manhattan on Monday, and subway service was shut down Sunday night.

Salt water flooding posed significant threats to the utility grid and public transportation, Kelly also told CNN. Some utilities started strategically powering down communities in the New York area.(farmer100 runescape)

WABC Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson reported that water was pouring over the seawall in Lower Manhattan, flooding South Street.

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie said communities that did not heed official warnings to evacuate were essentially on their own until the morning. During a press conference, Christie said he could not in good faith send first responders to rescue individuals who made irresponsible choices.

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Farmer100: Online Games Trading Platform

Farmer100 is a good online game trading platforms for game player. The online game trading is a specialized e-commerce platform to provide goods and service for game players. It includes game account trading, game currency transactions, power leveling, auction and so on. On farmer100, you can not only buy Runescape and World of Warcraft account, but also can get the power leveling service.

With the explosive growth of the online game industry in recent years, the demand for virtual goods transactions have appeared. In order to meet the demand, the online game trading platform has become a new business and development rapidly. It just likes the real estate agent in real estate industry. Farmer100 was established in 2007, and it has grown steadily in these years. Now you can see many good runescape accounts on farmer100 website with low price.

As farmer100 knows, there are mainly five trading model of online game trading.

The first one is C2C. This mode only provides service trading platform for game players, the website owners are not actually involved in the transaction but they need to charge a certain percentage fee. Farmer100 will also give a page like that for game players trading goods between themselves.

The second one is B2C. Different the first one, the website owners are participated in the trading. They sell their own virtual items or directly purchase the virtual goods. Farmer100 now has stocked a lot of virtual items. Some of them are sold by players, some others are purchased form game studio. So you can get what your desired on Farmer100. Farmer100 is very safe and legit.

The third mode is consignment. The consignment is the most convenient and easiest mode for virtual goods transaction. The seller only needs to provide the goods information to website, and if a buyer wants to buy it, the online service will directly deliver the goods. Sellers don’t need to wait all day so that can save a lot of time. Farmer100 also has service like that. If you want to sell your game goods, you can directly sell them on Farmer100 or you can ask the Farmer100 live chat for help. The farmer100 live chat will tell you how to sell and when you will get your payment.

The fourth mode is guarantee mode. In this mode items are kept by the seller. Buyers can contact the customer service to get it.

The last mode is rental. This mode is a win-win transaction mode. Lessees only need to pay a small a mount of rent according to their needs to obtain a short-term use rights. For the buyers, they can enjoy the game pleasure without having to buy expensive virtual items. Besides, the sellers can continue to have the ownership of the items and have a certain amount of income at the same time.

Farmer100 thinks each mode has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to get farmer100 review, you can go to farmer100 website, farmer100 wordpress and farmer100 blog. There are also some farmer100 facebook pages you can get farmer100 review and farmer100 reviews.

Farmer100 News: Seven things to know before buying an iPad

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So you want to buy an iPad. Great, which one?

This past week alone saw the debut of not one but two new Apple tablets: iPad mini (from $329) and a fourth-generation iPad (from $499), now officially called iPad with Retina display. These two join the second- and third-generation (“new iPad”) models.

Confused? You’re not alone.

For a company known for its simple, minimalist approach to technology, they’ve made their current iPad offerings clear as mud.

Don’t worry, as we’re here to help put your finger on the right iPad for you and your budget. The following are a few things to keep in mind, to help you decide which one to go with — or dare we say it, another tablet platform altogether.

Size does matter

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: some people just want a smaller tablet. At 7.9 inches — nearly 2 inches smaller than all other iPads — iPad mini is portable enough to fit in some purses, suit jackets and perhaps even your jeans’ back pocket. Those who want an iPad primarily as an ebook reader will also find iPad mini lighter and thinner at 0.68 pounds and 0.28 inches, respectively; compare this to the latest 9.7-inch iPad that weighs 1.44 pounds — not the easiest for bookworms to hold for extended periods of time.

Do you really want an ereader?

If you’re buying an iPad mini primarily as an ebook reader, remember standalone ebook readers are not only easier to read outside with its no-glare e-ink screens, but illuminated backlit screens have been proven to stimulate the brain rather than relax it, which might be good to know for those who like to read in bed. Also, at 10 hours of battery between charges, iPad mini can last as long as its big brother and other tablets, but dedicated ebook readers — like most Kindle, Kobo and Nook models — can last up to a month in some cases. Finally, dedicated ebook readers are less than $100, on average, compared to the starting price of $329 for an iPad mini. Apple’s petite tablet can do much more, of course, but this is all just food for thought.

Base price

If you’re buying brand new, iPad mini is the least expensive of all iPad models, followed by iPad 2 at $399 and iPad with Retina Display at $499. But be aware these are just for the Wi-Fi models and only with 16GB of storage. iPad mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular starts at $459 (16GB), while the same wireless radios in the iPad 2 will set you back $529. The latest iPad starts at $629 for Wi-Fi + Cellular (16GB). If this is too steep — and you really want an iPad — you might consider sourcing prices for refurbished iPads from major retailers or second-hand iPads from online marketplaces like eBay or online classifieds sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji.

How much power do you need?

If you’re looking for a powerhouse of a tablet, you should go with the just-unveiled fourth-generation iPad. It might’ve not received the same amount of media attention as iPad mini, unveiled on the same day, but this surprise announcement is newsworthy for serious gamers, video lovers, music creators and other demanding tablet owners. At the same price as the third-generation iPad (from $499), the new iPad with Retina display houses a A6X chip for performance that’s twice as fast as the previous-generation A5X chip, and delivers up to twice the graphics performance, too. Wi-Fi is also twice as fast. The new iPad retains the same Retina display (3.1 million pixels), industry-leading 10-hour battery and support for more than 275,000 apps.

App support

Most — but not all — of the 275,000+ apps work with all generations of iPad. Some require more power under the hood, therefore it will say on the App Store if only the third- or fourth-generation iPad is required to run it. Others require a camera or two, therefore the apps won’t work with the first-gen iPad from 2010. Also be aware iPad mini and iPad 2 have the same A5X chip, which isn’t as powerful as the newest iPad and its A6X processor. Finally, while many apps have been optimized for the Retina display, only the latest iPad has this incredibly high-resolution screen (2048 x 1536 pixels) at 264 pixels per inch, compared to the iPad 2 and iPad mini’s screen at 1024 x 768 resolution, at 132 pixels per inch. With all of this in mind, memory-intensive apps will work faster and smoother on the last two iPads, but on the flipside, iPad mini’s smaller and lighter body means it’s much easier to type with thumbs while holding it.


If you’ve invested in a number of tablet accessories over the past few years — perhaps a speaker dock, in-car charging kit or fitted cases to protect your investment — remember the latest iPads have ditched its 30-pin connector with the new Lightning connector, therefore you’re likely going to need an adaptor [LINK], such as the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter ($29) or the 0.2-meter Lightning to 30-pin cable ($39). To make matters worse, both of which are still not available at the time of writing this. Even if you buy these adaptors, they’ll work for charging, synching and audio — but not video. Your older AirPlay- and Bluetooth-enabled accessories will work with news iPads, though, as they’re wireless, but they won’t be able to charge them up. iPad mini Smart Covers cost $39. Smart Covers for the full-sized iPads cost $39 to $69, depending on the material.

Galaxy NoteThere are other tabs, too

Newsflash: iPad isn’t the only game in town. Those in the market for a new tablet have many other options to consider, primarily from the Android camp (from $99 to $499) but also Windows 8-based tabs beginning to surface. Those who like many hardware options (in price, size and power) and more freedom and flexibility in their operating system, should go with Android. Google Play now has more than 500,000 apps, too, but not all work (or work well) on tablets and/or all versions of Android. Windows users, on the other hand, might opt for the Windows Surface RT (32GB; from $499) as it’s ideal for content creation along with media consumption — especially if you go with the optional touch cover ($119.99) that doubles as a keyboard. Also included are familiar apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others.

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