Farmer100 Poll

Farmer100 Poll
As a professional runescape account seller, Farmer100 plays close attention to Runescape. In order to provide the game goods for players, Farmer100 wonder which of the following armour items do you want most form KBD.
There are four armour items can be selected: Dragpm Roder Boots, Dragon Rider Golves, Dragon Helm and Rune Platebody.

The first armour item, Dragon Roder Boot, is dropped by the King Black Dragon. As Farmer100 knows, it requires 60 defence before you can wear it. “They have the largest prayer boost available in their slot, a title previously held by white, torva, pernix, virtuas, Armadyl and Bandos boots at +1. It has the same stats as Rune boots, except for the prayer bonus.” Farmer100 got the information from the Runescape Wikia.

Dropped by the King Black Dragon, the dragon rider gloves have the largest prayer boost available in slot. Like the first one, you also need to get 60 defence and become a member of Runescape before you can wear it. The dragon rider gloves weights 7kg and it once helonged to Hannibus. If you have one and don’t want to own it any more, you can sell it on farmer100. If a game player buys it, you can get payments form Farmer100. It’s safe and easy.

Being the second strongest helm, dragon helm is very precious in Runescape. Farner100 thought it is the most powerful melee helm in Runescape since it has been launched in 2002. The price of dragon helm was once up to 3 million coins. Farmer100 thinks it’s due to the rare supply and the high demand. With the development of Runescape, the price has dropped a lot. The dragon helm’s price is near to the High level alchemy as Farmer100 knows of.

The last one is Rune Platebody. It’s also a good account, but its price has dropped sharply during these years. It used to be known as the best platebody made with conventional metals in both F2P and P2P. The position was replaced by the While Guthix Sleeps quest and Dragon platebody.

Which one do you like best? Different players have different opinions. Farmer100 is hopping to hear your voice.


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