Farmer100: Online Games Trading Platform

Farmer100 is a good online game trading platforms for game player. The online game trading is a specialized e-commerce platform to provide goods and service for game players. It includes game account trading, game currency transactions, power leveling, auction and so on. On farmer100, you can not only buy Runescape and World of Warcraft account, but also can get the power leveling service.

With the explosive growth of the online game industry in recent years, the demand for virtual goods transactions have appeared. In order to meet the demand, the online game trading platform has become a new business and development rapidly. It just likes the real estate agent in real estate industry. Farmer100 was established in 2007, and it has grown steadily in these years. Now you can see many good runescape accounts on farmer100 website with low price.

As farmer100 knows, there are mainly five trading model of online game trading.

The first one is C2C. This mode only provides service trading platform for game players, the website owners are not actually involved in the transaction but they need to charge a certain percentage fee. Farmer100 will also give a page like that for game players trading goods between themselves.

The second one is B2C. Different the first one, the website owners are participated in the trading. They sell their own virtual items or directly purchase the virtual goods. Farmer100 now has stocked a lot of virtual items. Some of them are sold by players, some others are purchased form game studio. So you can get what your desired on Farmer100. Farmer100 is very safe and legit.

The third mode is consignment. The consignment is the most convenient and easiest mode for virtual goods transaction. The seller only needs to provide the goods information to website, and if a buyer wants to buy it, the online service will directly deliver the goods. Sellers don’t need to wait all day so that can save a lot of time. Farmer100 also has service like that. If you want to sell your game goods, you can directly sell them on Farmer100 or you can ask the Farmer100 live chat for help. The farmer100 live chat will tell you how to sell and when you will get your payment.

The fourth mode is guarantee mode. In this mode items are kept by the seller. Buyers can contact the customer service to get it.

The last mode is rental. This mode is a win-win transaction mode. Lessees only need to pay a small a mount of rent according to their needs to obtain a short-term use rights. For the buyers, they can enjoy the game pleasure without having to buy expensive virtual items. Besides, the sellers can continue to have the ownership of the items and have a certain amount of income at the same time.

Farmer100 thinks each mode has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to get farmer100 review, you can go to farmer100 website, farmer100 wordpress and farmer100 blog. There are also some farmer100 facebook pages you can get farmer100 review and farmer100 reviews.


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