Farmer100 Review: Sell RS Account on Farmer100

Farmer100 review will provide you with convenient service. Today, farmer100 reviews is going to tell you sell your runescape account on farmer100.

If you have visit farmer100 before, you may know game players can sell accounts and game items on farmer100 website. Now, farmer100 want to buy lots of farmer100 runescape accounts, rs farmer100 gold, runescape farmer100 items and world of warcraft account. So, if you own game accounts like that, you can make some money by selling them to farmer100. Farmer100 will pay for you if your goods are sold out.

According to farmer100 live chat, some runescape players have many questions about selling accounts to farmer100. Now, farmer100 review and farmer100 reviews will tell you how to sell farmer100 runescape account rightly.

At first, you need to make sure your have disabled your Jagex Account Guardia. If you don’t change it, farmer100 review and the buyers can not log in your account. It is very easy to disable JAG. Just login your runenscape account on the runescape official website. Then, find the button account setting and you will find the selection to close JAG. If you forget to disable the JAG, farmer100 reviews will notice you when you submit your account’s information.

Second, you need to change the regiested email address of your runescape account. You need change the email address to This step is to make sure the buyers can change email and password so that strength the security of the account. Farmer100 is an honest seller. Besides, for the farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit, farmer100 review and farmer100 reviews are get good reputation. Farmer100 complaints are also reduced by a notable margin. Once you have changed your email, you can tell the farmer100 live chat staffs, they will check it as soon as possible.

The last thing you need to do is to submit the username, password and some other information to farmer100. After all have been done, you need to wait a buyer to purchase your account and then you can get the payment.

If you have any problem about selling runescape accounts on farmer100, contact farmer100 live chat directly. Farmer100 review and farmer100 reviews are waiting for your praise.


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