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Your Runescape account security should be treated with the utmost care and caution. As a social Internet game, it is only natural that you are going to make friends and play with them on a regular basis. What you don’t want is a sudden blow of negativity that results in you being forced to quit due to having your account hacked and raided of all of its material wealth or worse, having your account hacked and the hacker abusing it and subsequently resulting in it being permanently banned. farmer100 review, farmer100 reviews

I have been a Runescape player on ad off since 2003. I have been a player moderator and one of the wealthiest players in the game and for these reasons, I have always put emphasis on account security with impossible to guess passwords and recovery questions yet sadly, earlier this year, I was hacked by another player. I have never given or shared my password or information.

farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit. This makes me jump to the conclusion that hackers do in fact use software and programs to help them hack accounts meaning that if they want to hack you, they will. The only thing you can do is protect your account from them and this Hub aims to help you protect your account from Runescape hackers and offer you tips as to how to survive a hacking in the event that you do fall victim as well as what to do in the event that you have been hacked and are looking to recover your hacked Runescape account.

How to recover a hacked Runescape account

The first thing to do is not to panic. Hackers are usually only after material wealth of your account no matter what level you are. Basically, they will be in and out to lessen the risk of them getting caught. To recover a Runescape account after having it hacked, follow these instructions:

· Send a password recovery request to Jagex via your account information section. farmer100 live chat

· Fill in the recovery request form as precisely as possible.

· When you have your password back, take it slow and log back into your account.

· You will see the IP address of the hacker. Take a screen shot and write it down.

· Log out and back in and take a picture of your own IP address.

· Send both screenshots to Jagex and they will ban the accounts of the hacker.farmer100 complaints

· Log back into your account, change your password, recovery questions and account name.

· For added security, you can even change your associated e-mail address.

NOTE: Remember to keep a word file or notepad file of all of your old details as this will help you in future recoveries.

How to protect against Runescape account hackers

Actually protecting your account from hackers is a necessity if you are going to enjoy Runescape for all it is worth. It literally has years and years of longevity and replayability if you choose to allow it to become a casual part of your gaming lifestyle. To protect your Runescape account from hacking, follow these instructions:

· Set an impossible password with a random mixture of numbers and letters.

· Set recovery questions that only you will know.

· Associate a private e-mail address that only you will know.

· Set an in-game bank pin.

· Before logging out, put all of your items in the bank.

· Do not brag or boast about what you have, you never know who may be listening.

· Do not add in-game friends to MSN or Facebook or any other related websites.

· Do not share, post or give your Runescape information to anybody else.

· Avoid joining “cheating” sites that offer RS Bots, RS macro’s and “gold farming” services. farmer100 runescape

NOTE: Putting all of your items in your bank before logging out is a sure-fire way to protect against hacking. You can get their IP address and report it without them actually having stolen anything because there was nothing to steal.

FURTHER NOTE: Cheating websites that promote the use of Runescape bots, auto miners, gold farmers, macros and other cheating programs that work will usually steal your password. There are very few legitimate RS Bot sites that work but even the ones that do still run the risk of your account being banned.

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