Farmer100 Online Game News

Farmer100 Has An Optimistic Attitude on the Online Games

Farmer100 got the news that more than 10 countries which with a total population of nearly 300 million in South America will become the most potential online games market according to the South Korea’s survey. Farmer100 began to run the online game items business in 2007. So far, farmer100 has more than five years in virtual goods business and Farmer100 is very glad to get the news that the online games have a large market.

In later October, South American multinational Tourism Bureau has promoted tourism products in China. At the same time, the Chinese online game companies also march on South American market and expand their business. All of these attracted the attention of Korean. Farmer100 also has customers from South American and Korean. There are many game enthusiasts in the two countries.

The South American is far from people’s imagination of wilderness. On the contrary, Blizzard began to release the World of Warcraft in South American on July 25, 2008. In the end of the year, the World of Warcraft-Cataclysm of Portuguese servers will be opened in Brazil. Of course, Blizzard also took into account the level of local consumption. In order to attract more players, Blizzard released special cheap version in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Farmer100 not only provide farmer100 runescape accounts and rs farmer100 glod, farner100 also runs the World of Warcraft business. You can ask the farmer100 live chat for more information about farmer100 WoW accounts. If you have good world of warcraft account, you can make some money by selling it to farmer100. Farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit center will protect your account until some one has bought it.

The South American has a lot of potential to expand the online game business. The Europe, United States and South Korea companies in South American also help this area cultivate the domestic market. Today, the South American, which was “barren” in the past, has become a “fertile soil”. According to a survey of South Korea, South American will become one of the most potential markets for online games in the next five years. Last year, the online market of South American was 360 million. The experts predict it will reach 624 million in 2014. At that time, farmer100 will also provide some farmer100 good service for the South American players, such as farmer100 runescape game guides, farmer100 world of warcraft news and so on. Farmer100 review will keep an eye on the development of online games.


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