Start runescape slayer

You know, slayer is a members-only skill. If you are a runescape slayer, you will be asked to kill, specific monsters to improve yourself. Unlike other skills which can be trained repeatedly, slayer is a very diverse skill.

How to start slaying? On farmer100, you can get the basic information details. Communicate with a slayer master at first, who will assign you a task to kill a specific number of a certain type of monster. The assignments can vary from 10 spiders to 230 black demons, depending on which slayer master you choose. There are seven masters can be found on runescape, the tayerley slayer master is the easiest and the ancient cavern slayer master is the most challenging. Kalphites are the only monster that can be given out by every master, while black demons are a common slayer task for the higher masters. To find masters, you can easily click on the world map and locate the slayer master icons, spread out all over runescape.

If you are not satisfied with the assignment you received, just go to the tayerley slaye master to get an easier one. Don’t hesitate to get a new one if the assignment is too hard, remember that you get exp per monster, not for an assignment overall. Start with the right slayer master for your specific level, in order to get a suitable task. If you can’t kill the monsters, try training your combat to a higher level in your cheap runescape accounts.

It is also necessary for slayers to get some equipment. Using a cannon to hit a higher monsters does not affect the amount of slayer exp you receive from a kill. Furthermore, all masters operate the shared equipment shop, where you can get various tools and weapons, such as damage boosts. Keep in mind that farmer100 has runescape accounts for sale, here you can get suitable accounts with good equipment.

Familiars are important for you to complete the tasks, especially healers, beasts of burden and fighters. For example, healer familiars offer you various sources of health restoration, such as constant heal over time, a scroll use spell and the capable food to eat, even though the player has no summoning points left, a healer will still heal him.

The slayer exp for each kill roughly equals 1/10 of the monster’s life points. If you attack it by your own, you can get the full xp; if you kill the monster with other person, he/she who does the most damage will get half of the xp, who inflicts the final blow will get the other half.

Farmer100 thinks the slayer skill is one of the hardest skills to get 99 levels on runescape. Good luck on your journey!


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