How to choose some awesome games like runescape?

We are gonna talk about some games like Runescape. The basic features includes: Played on your browser; Free-to-play; No download or client install needed; fantasy genre.

To put it another way, it has to be a popular game with a lot of players and with new people registering runescape accounts or buying runescape accounts everyday. An active and passionate online community is a must for any MMO for it to succeed. The best games like Runescape should also have great combat content. If you prefer to spend time killing things, Dragon Eternity is a great browser MMORPG for you to try. However, it is not all battling and action in Dragon Eternity, it also has professions which allow characters to gather resources to craft into useful items. Drakensang Online has exciting fast-paced combat, dungeons, bosses, arena battles, quests and there is even a crafting system. Crystal Saga might be the perfect game for you. It’s much more colorful compared to RS or Drakensang Online but it’s just as fun.

Western medieval fantasy is better such as knights, castles, magic swords. It is more similar to RS.



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