Guild War comment

Hey again! First of all, you’re not “playing it wrong”!! I think one of the coolest things about GW2 is that you can enjoy it in whatever way you want 🙂

I am not Lvl 80, through the story or Lvl 400 chef yet! I play regularly, but I don’t have time to “grind” or massively level my avatars… but my main character (a Norn warrior babe!) is I think cooking more often than she is fighting *g*

@Isabelle: I sooo agree with you on the whole Ascalon thing! I played Guild Wars 1 for years since it came out, and I love the world to bits. ❤ Have you read the novels?

I am in a guild, but it’s pretty much a “family” one. My brother is a huge gamer, and he had an online clan before Guild Wars. He founded the guild, and now his wife, her cousin, his friend from school, one of my online friends for years, etc etc. all ended up in it! It’s really nice. We usually just hangout in teamspeak and chat, playing the story together and sometimes do Dungeons.

We sometimes add random players to our party when we need a 5th, but it’s usually a bad experience. Some run ahead, get killed, complain that we’re too slow and then leave! Hmpf. I wanna experience the game, not grind levels! Once we met a really nice player, who was patient as well. When she I think) and I were dead and waiting for a rez, we chatted about dinner etc ^^ So sometimes there are nice people around. I think in general, GW2 is one of the nicest MMORPGs, people are very helpful!! 🙂


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