To the developers of RuneScape

Marks comments are true. I could easily destroy one pk’er if I absolutely had to, if and when my travels force me into the wilderness. But I’m not a player killer, and as we all know – if you kill one, two show up in his place (this is if you’re fortunate for this to be happening outside a multi combat zone), because they work in bands more often than not. I have no intention to interact with these pea-brains and it’s not right that I need to contend with them every time I head into the wilderness.

To the developers of RuneScape: Prior to the removal of pk’ing, there were pk worlds and non-pk worlds. This division provided a venue for those who wished to engage in pk’ing and also provided a place for those with slayer tasks a place to find green dragons, black demons and earth warriors without having to worry about bands of pk’ers interfering with their chosen methods of enjoying the game and selling runescape accounts.

hi rs, may I suggest one thing, as u know frost drags are so deadly if not paying attention just for few secs. but the most annoying thing is losing items that are in the familiar, if we ever happened to died, its hopeless to get items back. Almost all players down there are using familiar to collect those pricey bones spending times n effort but with no chance of getting those items back makes them so pissed off … so plz help giving us some chances to get item in familiar back when we died.
When you brought pk’ing back to RuneScape, you created an imbalance in gameplay by providing pk’ers the opportunity to involve themselves in my non-pk activities. You’ve also created severe difficulties for low-level players to complete certain slayer tasks, opportunities that are unavailable anywhere outside the wilderness.

Please restore the balance this game had prior to buy runescape account or removal of pk’ing.


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