Our Players’ Gallery is waiting for your artworks!

Since this is the year for clans and since it is Clan Celebration Month, the theme of this Players’ Gallery will be ‘Clans’!You can use your imagination and choose your style of art from a range of concepts;  if someone on fb named No Limitz PVM wants to add you, don’t do it. He hacked my account and i got temporarily banned from runescape and jagex homesite because i was trying to recover my cheap runescape accounts. Whatever you do, do not add him!!!

Those of you complaining about getting hacked, it’s your fault. Don’t give out your info. Stop going to these sites that promise gp, armour, etc. Do you NOT understand they get the info from you that way? Take a little precautions, you won’t get hacked. Jagex has done and is still doing everything to keep your accounts safe and selling runescape accounts. And to those of you who are getting scammed, stop gambling. No one is making you fork over your hard earned money. It’s only your fault! Not the scammers! Wise up!


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