wildy plus free trade

As we know. A lot of ppl quit runescape when jagex removed wildy plus free trade. And a lot of people when jagex removed bounty hunter. So.if rs won’t bring widy n f trade back. Say gf to rs. Many ppl back to play. (I mean old players). Cos off the voteing. (I hate pking with ep ). Ep sucks. I had cheap runescape accounts 100 ep. And my loot was 110k. !!!! Wildy n f trade or quittttttttttt  I definately encourage yes voting, not as bad merching prices (99 prayer used to be 70m…) and actual loots from people (kill them with full dh and whip you wont get some bad statuette)
January 8, 2011 at 4

Welcome to Chatitup cc
we are a free clan chat where anyone can join,
we support free players and members of all kinds,
but don’t think we will slack on selling runescape accounts the regular clan duties.
We are prepared to run a successful clan.


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