In my case, I don’t necessarily have a tank build, more of a dodging build but some tanking. When I’m playing solo, I have mantra of evasion w/hard target (armor boost), fist of thunder w/the increased dodge rune (don’t remember the name of it), sweeping wind w/cyclone, blinding flash w/the elite miss rune (can’t remember the name), mystic ally-earth (he’s the one that does my actual tanking for me) and the 7-sided strike with pandamonium(stun). Exhaulted soul, seize the innitiative and one with everything as my passive skills. I dodge more than I tank but still it’s effective but my vit is pretty high. Takes me a while to take down enemies on higher MP due to my dps being low. When I play with a group I switch out mantra of evasion with mantra of conviction/overawe. But as Regensis says below, you need high resist all. selling diablo 3 account

Like deathdealer i am also looking to improve my monk , tanking monk thats is there is something lacking in mine its ress all , i know but besides that id like to hear your coments on how to improve my monk hes fats was looking for more spirit regen…but since that i cant seem to find all the spirit regen for a tempest rush build , could it be good or better if i go tank monk instead? ty for all your coments !





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