Player Moderators

If you are in search of some of the most famous mages in RuneScape, walking a short way south from Draynor Village will lead you to the long bridge across the sea to the Wizards’ Tower.

There are a number of farms in the area and some nice forests for chopping down trees. There are also a few farming patches for members scattered about, including one in the shadows behind Draynor Manor – solely for the purpose of growing nightshade.

Diango, the legendary toyseller, offers possibly the most desirable merchandise in the whole of RuneScape: horses and dragon plates. Joining him in the market is a town crier, who is more than happy to explain the Rules of Conduct and the role of Player Moderators. cheap rs accounts

To the east of the town, quite heavily guarded, is a jail looked over by a watchtower. Lady Keli, the jail’s owner, specialises in less-than-legal imprisonments, so her cells are occasionally occupied by the nobility, whose families she intends to ransom them back to.


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