Philanthropy Least we have Path of Exile

That was pretty much the only reason I hate D3: D2 had an AWESOME summoning system in place with skeletons strong enough to kill the main bosses as a collective. What do you get on d3 account? Cannon fodder zombie dogs! Only minion you get thats worth its weight is the gargantuan, but you only get one.

yea.. i think those old schoolers out there that hark from D1 know that D3 just ..well.. doesnt seem ..quite right. For example..Diablo 1’s story was far darker than D3 could ever be (retcon’ing not included). D3, ok, it had some things going for it. I however, come from d1 and chose to play d3 for the story.. but after I got to the end.. it was a let down. Some here know what I mean.

i’ve played all 3 games and the expansions for both selling Diablo 3 account. storywise, no, it’s not as dark, but it’s crap tons more fun to play than the first 1. and still quite a bit more fun than 2. and the expansions aren’t even out yet, assuming there are at last 2. who knows, maybe leah eats it for good, that would be fairly awesome, from a story stand point cheap diablo 3 gold


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