Section 1 story of Wizard in Diablo 3


I beg your pardon, because about that Cabalist there are many things to say, and I made ​​it clear that she was the only person the ins and outs. This is the burden of a person belongs to me, as if I must then make a decision. End of the story is not a big secret, you can choose from our point of view around the rubble and ruins out, also spread in every human mouth whispers gossip inside.

As long as involving magic, everything is not simple, do remember that no matter what you see or hear are just the tip of the iceberg.
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Although I gradually recovered in this bed, the physician but also to ensure that I can survive, but I did something else better to do, can only count the blur of the past, looking foreshadowed a harbinger of catastrophe. I have known her better than anyone, and even more about her than her own, but she always unwilling to admit that this is true. She is perhaps our era’s most powerful mage. Her pure in heart, one mind to do good, but her young and full of wisdom for her stupid idea, but can not be defeated. She’ll break every rule, always tell “can not” and “should not” distinction. From our early years will be playing time, she is like this.

It was very similar to today’s one day.


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