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what gear you can expect for a demon hunter

NOTE 1: These guides are designed so that you have a rough idea of what gear you can expect, for the money you are willing to spend. When searching for gear upgrades on the AH based off of this guide, please be prepared to make slight adjustments (either increasing if the budget allows it or decreasing if the market price goes up too much) to the affix values, as prices vary constantly.

NOTE 2: I have not included any Magic Find in the mandatory searches. This is a very important aspect, as it skews results and you can never truly make a reliable guide if you factor in MF. In case you are looking for gear with MF Diablo III gold, you can still use this guide as a template, as it outlines the basic stat combinations that make the class work, just be prepared to pay a lot more for gear with that particular affix.

As a rule of thumb, when you are looking for gear for a demon hunter, you should look out for the following things:

Dexterity is extremely important. The more dexterity you have, the more your Crit to buy Diablo 3 items. Chance and Crit. Dmg matter and vice-versa. For example, at high end levels of gear ( 2400 dex, 50% crit chance, 40% attack speed and 300+ crit hit damage), a point of Dex will give you approximately 60 DPS.
You must strive for at least 40% Crit. Chance and 220% Crit. Dmg. , even at the lowest levels of gear.
Your absolute minimum amount of Dexterity should be around 1750 buy d3 gold.

1. Entry level gear (<10 million gold budget)


2. Mid-range gear (25-50 million budget)


3. Intermediate gear (50-100 million budget)

4. High-end gear (100+ million budget)

5. Near Best-in-Slot gear // Best-in-Slot gear (500 million+ budget)


Not Be Done With A Flex System

To me, this makes alot of sense. Heroic modes should, unquestionably, WoW accounts for sale . not be done with a Flex System – it would completely destroy the way the World-First race works, and result in an utter disaster. But as a replacement for Normal? That would be very interesting, and it’s worth considering.  There may be good reasons not to, but I could honestly see Flex becoming the new Normal Raiding, and I think it could turn out well.

I hope not. Flex sounds great as you say for the majority, buy WoW accounts but for the minority who fights for kills, you need a stable difficulty level to be able to compare.

Even if flex doesn’t get gamed in 5.4, if it flat-out replaces 10 and 25 in the future, I can guarantee it will be then.

You say there’s no reason for it not to replace the current 10/25 man system. I implore you to rethink that. It would mean the end of competitive raiding.

Let the competative raiders “game” it to their heart’s content.  How does that hurt my gameplay? It’s a feature that would make it possible for the rest of us to continue enjoying the game.  In world first guilds you already see things like class stacking, dropping healers, etc.  Would it really make that much of a difference?  Nah, you would have an ideal size from fight to fight and top 100 guild players, who are already used to being benched if needed, would sit out while the raid minmaxes for online glory.  Fine by me.

I guess it all depends on how serious you consider flex raiding to be. Personally, I think with it just barely above lfr and far below 10 and 25 in quality of loot, that most “true” raiders will dismiss it with scorn, and would rather pug a few missing people instead of settling for lesser gear.

But for the more casual audience, it will probably be done with lfr, and helps them “feel” that much more like a raider, World of Warcraft accounts sell even if they don’t do 10s or 25s.

The Influence of Flex raiding

Flex raiding has the potential to completely and utterly rework how we raid and with whom, to change the way we set up and maintain guilds. It could utterly transform the game. It won’t do this in 5.4, cheap WoW accounts but when we finally see what lies beyond Mists of Pandaria, I won’t at all be surprised if in 2014 I’m writing about the rise of the 15 man guild because of it.



I like the idea of flex raiding, but if it does take over for Normal mode, it’s going to require players to accept more personal accountability for their performance.


The current system almost has an escape clause built in with the fixed raid size. Guilds can bring in their “best” raiders for their progression fights and rotate in the people on the bench for fights that are on farm so everyone has a chance to play. It’s not too difficult to explain to someone on the bench that we can only bring in 10 and they need to be the 10 with the best numbers for the tough fights. If the fights are “flex”, everyone is going to want to be there for all of them.


I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but I think Raid Leaders and guild Officers might have some rough talks and decisions ahead of them.


This would be a terrible scenario. buy WoW accounts Normal raids are in an awesome spot right now with their difficulty level.  If the difficulty of raiding were diminished to the level of what they are talking with flex raids, then it would be tragic in my opinion.


If anything flex raids should replace LFR.  The longer and longer this expansion goes along, the more convinced I become that LFR was a terrible idea.


Just a reminder: what is it that made WoW steal (and maintain) market share from all other extant MMOs? What is it that Blizzard does better than any other MMO developer?


Just a prediction: what will keep WoW on top of the MMO pile in the post-MMO age? What can encounter design do for Blizzard that gonzo marketing (i.e., F2P World of Warcraft accounts sell ) is hoping to do for the other AAA platforms?

runescape should be improved

I get that, but never has Runescape been set up in such a way as for it to take us 2 hours to get from Lumbridge to Varrock, without the ability to run, and having to rest every 5 minutes besides. And frankly, if it was ever like that, I would quit.

And the armor above Bandos is powerful enough that if it did not degrade, the combat system would be  selling runescape accounts even more hugely unbalanced. Plus, its a money-sink, and we need more of those.

Hey, at least it is this:

BTS 58: More Lodestones

Instead of this:

BTS: 58 more Lodestones

What are you going to repair them with!? Hmm? How is it this hard for you to think straight. How hard is it to get 20 limestone bricks? 500 laws = wat, 90k? And last time I checked you could get most of the unique items with little to no effort.personally i wish jagex would make bane swords and stuff like that, give me more use for the ore i worked through a grand master quest for buying runescape gold, glacors will do for now.

They can’t run for as long, but the tutorial covers run and energy, so they know they have that ability before they even leave Lumbridge/Burthorpe. And what gear would they even be carrying? Bronze? If you’re seriously arguing this with me there’s something wrong with your concept of this game, and this game as it was.

expect for better graphics of runescape

Akka clearly sounds like an idiot, coming out of nowhere with his random bs comment. Especially bad when it’s not even related to the topic.

Do ll the lamps give same amount of xp, or whats the difference between each?
making them tradeable is VERY bad! First you make a rule against gambling or 2 trades and now you provoke 2 trades again because people start selling lamp pieces, first money then pieces. even if they don’t scam runescape accounts for sale it’s against the rules…
You have to change to remain relevant…people get used to it…it really isn’t much different better graphics,better music, the future of epic in depth quests. I been here since 2001 and have evolved with the game… not quite the same but In a lot of aspects it’s better

Attacks analysis guide for diablo III

Attacks on property

Flat cut and bleed

Attack is mainly reflected in damage output, through flat cut, bleed, crit, attack damage increased frequency and skill to achieve.

Diablo 3 flat cut injury in the early, even in the late Crit Chance property promotion up front, all melee physical occupation of one of the main output. The bleed damage mainly through blood, tearing effect d3 account generated in the game’s overall output in a smaller proportion.

Crit damage and crit rate

Crit damage in the damage output in proportion with the crit rate and crit damage rates improved and enhanced.

Crit Chance plus equipment in the absence of prior to 0 Crit Chance where to sell Diablo 3 account in necklaces, rings, shields, deputies, helmets, wrist and gloves on both addition, these areas include all the limbs and helmets, but no weapons .

Crit Chance theoretical peak was 49.5 percent, respectively, are: Necklace 8.5% + 4.5% × 2 + Ring Shield 10% (8.5% Off) + helmet 6% + 6% + wrist gloves 10%.
Crit damage in the absence of equipment upgrade before, the default is 1.5 times the normal damage, no skill bonuses in the case of (crit damage is the main fighting properties, so no additional legendary site), crit damage can be increased up to normal attack 6.5 times (100% × 2 + arms weapon gem necklace 100% × 2 + 65% + 34% × 2 + ring glove 50%, which can be double support arms).