get free runescape God t-shirt


Although it is an old school t-shirt, we shouldn’t have to pay a 12 month subscription to get it. It is a little unfair to those who literally just bought 12 month for another thing ya’ll were doing cheap rs gold. I would really like to express how much I do not want to see micro-transactions coming back and many others on this thread seem to feel the same.

need held. i just made a account and made it member but when i try to login there stand: your account is not eligible to play this version of the game please try main game instead. please help

Could a moderator give me a yes/no answer on if they can make runescape money it possible to buy a 12 month subscription with your cellphone.

I really want this shirt so bad, and I so much money to spend on my cellphone.

It would be great if you could fix this Jagex.

So I’m guessing the shirt is for UK players only buy rs gold? I doubt they’ll ship me the shirt for free if I live somewhere in Asia.



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