Jaetch on the Diablo Fans forums

This week, our Community Commentary shout out goes to Jaetch on the Diablo Fans forums for putting together a great thread about creating a themed character within diablo3 account.

I like the “us versus them” part. “If you play D3 you’re brain dead.” Classy. Also, min-maxing is a dead end when a patch comes in to nerf your skills.
3..2..1.. Let the mindless hate begin!

what i think this game is missing – more character customization , ability to move from act to act without leaving the freaking game and changing quest…. everything is based on nephalem valors buy diablo 3 account( boring ), put more build diversity, more bars for abilities aswell. Do something for gear to be useful, add other stats next to just putting all into crit hit dmg and few more stats.

ok to put and end to this theme…. i described WHAT I THINK THIS GAME NEEDS TO HAVE TO BE FUN to play…. read up please ! And i see now that blizzard knew what they were doing, when they satisfied 30 people that still play diablo3.Ok enjoy your game, i know i won’t be buying expansion, unless they make it for normal people and not brain dead. Yes, diablo2 had its kind of customization ( you could make wizzard on 20 different builds, or any other class for that matter ) , no it wasnt only one viable that’s BS…. i did with all classes hell shitload of times with many different builds.Anyway we can write here for days, i think i had the right to say what i think would make Diablo3 a good game and worthy of playing. Although, to tell you the truth, i don’t think i am going to buy D3 items play anymore at all, sold all my gear on RMAH and made myself a profit, cheers enjoy diablo 3

Cause d2 had SO much customization. Tell that to all the hammerdins/smiters/meteorb sorcs out there. A classic of course, don’t get me wrong. But I agree entirely with not being able to move from act to act, and yeah, itemization definitely needs to be fixed.


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