Attacks analysis guide for diablo III

Attacks on property

Flat cut and bleed

Attack is mainly reflected in damage output, through flat cut, bleed, crit, attack damage increased frequency and skill to achieve.

Diablo 3 flat cut injury in the early, even in the late Crit Chance property promotion up front, all melee physical occupation of one of the main output. The bleed damage mainly through blood, tearing effect d3 account generated in the game’s overall output in a smaller proportion.

Crit damage and crit rate

Crit damage in the damage output in proportion with the crit rate and crit damage rates improved and enhanced.

Crit Chance plus equipment in the absence of prior to 0 Crit Chance where to sell Diablo 3 account in necklaces, rings, shields, deputies, helmets, wrist and gloves on both addition, these areas include all the limbs and helmets, but no weapons .

Crit Chance theoretical peak was 49.5 percent, respectively, are: Necklace 8.5% + 4.5% × 2 + Ring Shield 10% (8.5% Off) + helmet 6% + 6% + wrist gloves 10%.
Crit damage in the absence of equipment upgrade before, the default is 1.5 times the normal damage, no skill bonuses in the case of (crit damage is the main fighting properties, so no additional legendary site), crit damage can be increased up to normal attack 6.5 times (100% × 2 + arms weapon gem necklace 100% × 2 + 65% + 34% × 2 + ring glove 50%, which can be double support arms).


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