runescape should be improved

I get that, but never has Runescape been set up in such a way as for it to take us 2 hours to get from Lumbridge to Varrock, without the ability to run, and having to rest every 5 minutes besides. And frankly, if it was ever like that, I would quit.

And the armor above Bandos is powerful enough that if it did not degrade, the combat system would be  selling runescape accounts even more hugely unbalanced. Plus, its a money-sink, and we need more of those.

Hey, at least it is this:

BTS 58: More Lodestones

Instead of this:

BTS: 58 more Lodestones

What are you going to repair them with!? Hmm? How is it this hard for you to think straight. How hard is it to get 20 limestone bricks? 500 laws = wat, 90k? And last time I checked you could get most of the unique items with little to no effort.personally i wish jagex would make bane swords and stuff like that, give me more use for the ore i worked through a grand master quest for buying runescape gold, glacors will do for now.

They can’t run for as long, but the tutorial covers run and energy, so they know they have that ability before they even leave Lumbridge/Burthorpe. And what gear would they even be carrying? Bronze? If you’re seriously arguing this with me there’s something wrong with your concept of this game, and this game as it was.


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