The Influence of Flex raiding

Flex raiding has the potential to completely and utterly rework how we raid and with whom, to change the way we set up and maintain guilds. It could utterly transform the game. It won’t do this in 5.4, cheap WoW accounts but when we finally see what lies beyond Mists of Pandaria, I won’t at all be surprised if in 2014 I’m writing about the rise of the 15 man guild because of it.



I like the idea of flex raiding, but if it does take over for Normal mode, it’s going to require players to accept more personal accountability for their performance.


The current system almost has an escape clause built in with the fixed raid size. Guilds can bring in their “best” raiders for their progression fights and rotate in the people on the bench for fights that are on farm so everyone has a chance to play. It’s not too difficult to explain to someone on the bench that we can only bring in 10 and they need to be the 10 with the best numbers for the tough fights. If the fights are “flex”, everyone is going to want to be there for all of them.


I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but I think Raid Leaders and guild Officers might have some rough talks and decisions ahead of them.


This would be a terrible scenario. buy WoW accounts Normal raids are in an awesome spot right now with their difficulty level.  If the difficulty of raiding were diminished to the level of what they are talking with flex raids, then it would be tragic in my opinion.


If anything flex raids should replace LFR.  The longer and longer this expansion goes along, the more convinced I become that LFR was a terrible idea.


Just a reminder: what is it that made WoW steal (and maintain) market share from all other extant MMOs? What is it that Blizzard does better than any other MMO developer?


Just a prediction: what will keep WoW on top of the MMO pile in the post-MMO age? What can encounter design do for Blizzard that gonzo marketing (i.e., F2P World of Warcraft accounts sell ) is hoping to do for the other AAA platforms?


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