Not Be Done With A Flex System

To me, this makes alot of sense. Heroic modes should, unquestionably, WoW accounts for sale . not be done with a Flex System – it would completely destroy the way the World-First race works, and result in an utter disaster. But as a replacement for Normal? That would be very interesting, and it’s worth considering.  There may be good reasons not to, but I could honestly see Flex becoming the new Normal Raiding, and I think it could turn out well.

I hope not. Flex sounds great as you say for the majority, buy WoW accounts but for the minority who fights for kills, you need a stable difficulty level to be able to compare.

Even if flex doesn’t get gamed in 5.4, if it flat-out replaces 10 and 25 in the future, I can guarantee it will be then.

You say there’s no reason for it not to replace the current 10/25 man system. I implore you to rethink that. It would mean the end of competitive raiding.

Let the competative raiders “game” it to their heart’s content.  How does that hurt my gameplay? It’s a feature that would make it possible for the rest of us to continue enjoying the game.  In world first guilds you already see things like class stacking, dropping healers, etc.  Would it really make that much of a difference?  Nah, you would have an ideal size from fight to fight and top 100 guild players, who are already used to being benched if needed, would sit out while the raid minmaxes for online glory.  Fine by me.

I guess it all depends on how serious you consider flex raiding to be. Personally, I think with it just barely above lfr and far below 10 and 25 in quality of loot, that most “true” raiders will dismiss it with scorn, and would rather pug a few missing people instead of settling for lesser gear.

But for the more casual audience, it will probably be done with lfr, and helps them “feel” that much more like a raider, World of Warcraft accounts sell even if they don’t do 10s or 25s.


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