what gear you can expect for a demon hunter

NOTE 1: These guides are designed so that you have a rough idea of what gear you can expect, for the money you are willing to spend. When searching for gear upgrades on the AH based off of this guide, please be prepared to make slight adjustments (either increasing if the budget allows it or decreasing if the market price goes up too much) to the affix values, as prices vary constantly.

NOTE 2: I have not included any Magic Find in the mandatory searches. This is a very important aspect, as it skews results and you can never truly make a reliable guide if you factor in MF. In case you are looking for gear with MF Diablo III gold, you can still use this guide as a template, as it outlines the basic stat combinations that make the class work, just be prepared to pay a lot more for gear with that particular affix.

As a rule of thumb, when you are looking for gear for a demon hunter, you should look out for the following things:

Dexterity is extremely important. The more dexterity you have, the more your Crit to buy Diablo 3 items. Chance and Crit. Dmg matter and vice-versa. For example, at high end levels of gear ( 2400 dex, 50% crit chance, 40% attack speed and 300+ crit hit damage), a point of Dex will give you approximately 60 DPS.
You must strive for at least 40% Crit. Chance and 220% Crit. Dmg. , even at the lowest levels of gear.
Your absolute minimum amount of Dexterity should be around 1750 buy d3 gold.

1. Entry level gear (<10 million gold budget)


2. Mid-range gear (25-50 million budget)


3. Intermediate gear (50-100 million budget)

4. High-end gear (100+ million budget)

5. Near Best-in-Slot gear // Best-in-Slot gear (500 million+ budget)


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