Diablo III needs a new pansion

That’s weird, most of the complaints I usually hear is that it’s NOT similar to Diablo 2.It’s obviously NOT like D2 otherwise it would not take 1 week to reach Inferno then play the AH more than the game for another week then quit this stupid game forever diablo 3 gold.

It’s just the same game: go on the alwaysthesame 4 stages and farm farm farm farm farm to get something better to put on.Stop. The only real new feature is the auction house, but people found ways to cheat with it too…Path of Exile did it the way this game should have been as far as the “world” is. The game play, and my first time through was fun as hell in D3, but not being Diablo 3 items for sale able to switch between acts, and difficulties while in game makes it seem like a linear path, and made it a hassle during the end game stages… It’s a great game, but some things they decided to do make me super sad. And PvP was also a huge thing I was excited for, and they just hyped it for so long, and then scrapped it, and gave us a garbage dueling system .should have just released a hd version of d2 if u ask me with updated items maybe and a new pansion…would have bought that fa sho?


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