Barbarian throwing blade cut postmortem Rune Can be used continuously


400% due ancestors hammer strength had this smash hit Throwing Axe flow low due to injury has been forgotten, in fact, hurt people forget Manzi highest skill is Feifu postmortem runes. Rune throwing blade cut postmortem originally had two flawed, one hard straight time, one-off anger and can not be used continuously. Currently I think the reason postmortem feasible, because the two Mishap already can be overcome. Hard time in the current version has been completely abate, leaving only corpses flight time limitations, you can ignore. Off anger issues are also discussed in this article theme, throwing blade cut postmortem Rune Can be used continuously in the end Diablo3 account? ?

One view is that throwing blade cut -9 -10 anger and wrath effect is the same, which is currently the majority view (in fact decline due Axe, remember this man should not be much). And I think that if playing postmortem, -10 anger Axe, is a must, -10 anger can achieve continuous use, infinitely difficult to achieve the dead bodies of the rigid requirements, equipment requirements are relatively inexpensive.

Will bring: Immortal five sets, including immortal Belt Axe -5 (cheap), Jordan Axe -5 (cheap), passive with no forgiveness buy Diablo 3 items.

Optional: Passive nowhere to run, active explosive, deputies 300 Spear


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