Two completely different motivations for rs

The feedback for bugs doesn’t prove your point at all. *rolls eyes again* Two completely different motivations. For the most part – and this isn’t just me saying this, do a simple web search and you’ll see this is a widely held opinion – the vocal minority is viewed as an overwhelmingly negative, destructive-to-the-community presence. Why, you just have to look at the way most of the vocal minority behaves on the RS forums. Negative complaints after negative complaints, raging, very few constructive complaints among them. Whereas with bug feedback, it is generally motivated by wanting to improve the game – not tear it down and destroy it to sell runescape accounts.

“Not requiring a p/w closes the door to Selection Bias.” “Plus, the FT/Wildy was a VOTE, while the EoC stuff was a SURVEY.” “Also, Self-Selection Bias is unavoidable with any vote/survey.”
*laughs uproariously* Oh, my friend. Really? Really? Do you even realize how silly you sound here? Did you not even read my explanation of self-selection bias? Did you not look it up for yourself? Did you not know that  buy runescape accounts in statistical analysis, a survey can consist of a single yes/no question, and that a vote can be statistically analyzed, because technically it is a survey? Were you not aware that a whole school of thought has been dedicated to the design of statistical surveys to preclude selection bias as much as possible, and mitigate (as much as possible) its effects when it can’t be precluded? And that the prevailing opinion in statistics is to give very little weight (if any at all) to surveys with selection bias, which was my original point when I brought up the FT/Wildy vote, that you couldn’t point to it and say it was a sign of vocal minority success? You obviously don’t understand statistical methodology/analysis much at all.

Please, don’t write any more about statistical methodology/biases until you do, because you’re just making a fool of yourself while repeating key words and phrases. (cont)


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