Bring Home the Bacon – the 200th quest of RS

For the 200th quest, this has got to be the most underwhelming release yet. At least give us some decent rewards next time. I liked this one. Eli is creepy, the dialogue was funny, and my new pet pig is great buy runescape accounts. Good job guys! This quest is bugged it thinks im a man :p When showing off the pig to the villagers they say “yay for the adventurer and -HIS- amazing pig! To be honest, I was rather disappointed in this new quest. The whole story line felt more like it was made up as a holiday-event type quest. I felt the whole idea of it was spontaneous and really just kind of awkward as progressed through to the end. I understand there hasn’t been a new quest since TWW back in February and well I’m glad to see another finally came. Anyway, I’m just glad it’s over. I don’t mind doing rs accounts for sale a novice quest once and a while but for the 200th quest and months of waiting I was expecting something spectacular.

So as far as the quest goes…thanks and keep them coming. This one is okay but I know you can do better. The level 84 Spirit Pak Pig should have more storage for its tier. The issue has always been there was a huge gap between War Tortoise and Pak Yak. War Tortoise is around level 67 and stores 18 items. While the level 84 tier 3 Spirit Pak Pig also stores 18 items. While the Pak Yak, level 96, stores 30 items. The level 84 Spirit Pak Pig should store 24 items. So it is a happy in between of War Tortoise and Pak Yak. As for the lower level Spirit Pak Pigs, they probably need adjustments as well. Their storage seems low too. Did not compare with the lower level beasts of borden. Think terrorbird stores 12 and is level 52.

Also think their timer should be longer. I believe they are 18 minutes and war tortoise is to sell runescape accounts 40 minutes. Which is wrong.


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