support the almighty Zamorak

Today we revel in chaos as Mods call on you to support the almighty Zamorak

Zamorak got lucky when he “defeated” zaros the armadyl staff was the only reason zamorak became a god.

Even with the power from the stone of jas and the staff of armadyl , zamorak was still striken down – the only reason he stands a god today is because zaros tripped. question, if zamorak used the stone why didnt the dragonkin kick his butt like they did with lucien?? or unlike him he wasnt a false user? none of the gods are anything without the elder artifacts… saradomin without his crown is nothing, armadyl without his staff, and the others without there artifacts. Though i’m Guthixian, and even Guthix was nothing without the sword of eddicts.. actually Zaros might have an artifact. However, it’s in the possession of Azzanadra for the time being, if you  sell runescape accounts played the Temple at Senntisten quest. It’s not for certain, but a lot of people think the “horn” Elder Artifact is actually the Frostenhorn. It’s what allows Azzanadra to communicate with Zaros.

but zaros is still the true lord there is nothing that zamorak fears as much as the return of zaros he ruled pretty much the whole world of gielienor he is our true master. Exactly, Zaros didn’t need an artifact……He will rise again one day and rule it all buy runescape accounts….

the dragonkin weren’t powerful enough to attack zamorak cuz he used the staff of armadyl first to gain god power then used the stone of jas. i believe it was stated ingame or confirmed somewhere. i believe the dragonkin gain power equal to the power used from the stone.


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