party hat price was around billio

wth..but party hat price was around billion some weeks ago..i wrong ? i want get in drop party some high items like party hat=1billion or other high items..or get plate material and make set tetsu and sell any one for millions.sell runescape accounts . all this is doing is creating false money again and making bots that chase phats able to sell them for 2 million each making them rich while people that spend ages skilling up are poor in comparison. at least in EOC the only people that had them where people that where very rich or people that had played a long time and saved them! I’m sorry runescape i forgot idc anymore about party hats.

I’d rather play a 2011 based private server for pre eoc for free than play oldschool RS.. I aint paying £5 every month just to play it, oldschool pretty much died out after the first couple of months. aww I think ima give up on trying to get 1 lol Those Won’t go anywhere just cause they did in eoc it will be forever till these get like that. Why sell them? I won’t sell them. I Gonna sell rs accounts keep them, when i find one. Where can i find one? effin bs, had it in brimmy and I died even trying to get there. even tho it took me a half hour to walk there and missed it its funny watching how all this dumb kids are asking where where where?? like OMG!! PHATS !! lmaoo!!! sad that you lose buy runescape accounts ze:12 all experience you had back in thos days and have to start all over again, much less fun, why couldnt we go on where we left the game that time? Wow i just picked one up random green one just drop in front of me. And meanwhile in America a boy discovers a glitch involving the mass amounts of rare items flowing in Old School Runescape.


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