Gear and stat scaling would be okay

Gear and stat scaling would be okay, provided it’s an option and not an imperative, but I wouldn’t want to lose my abilities. At level 24, WoW accounts for sale my priest wouldn’t have Atonement, my Warrior wouldn’t have Shockwave, and I’m not sure what would happen to Death Knights. Depending on the level of the dungeon in question, I might have to completely how I work.

I’d envision it as a scaling down of OUTPUT rather than true char level.

The fact you don’t get all your abilities right off as much as anything is to simplify the game for new players (or players new to that class / spec at least..) I’d see a model where your health / mana were scaled down, and overall damage / healing output was nerfed down, rather than losing access to abilities because, hey, you don’t have that yet – right?

In my head it works like this – AbilityX hits at lv 90 for 140k damage, at scaled down level it hits for (140k divide by <magic number> times <dungeon level> = actual damage of 14k/ 1400 / 140 etc. cheap WoW accounts appropriate to equivalent of a standard player for that dungeon) Having extra abilities wouldn’t necessarily be OP as I’d still be limited by GCD.

I guess the only bad thing would be where a boss is designed to be tough around (for example) a poison mechanic because no healer at that level would yet have anything to dispell it, whereas a higher level healer scaled down, would.

i don´t think the scale down would work, rather a scale up of content.

a player scale down cuts off certain abilities like dispell or offensive/defensive cd´s,  but these abilities allow a designer to develop certain mechanics around these.

the extra abilities give a huge advantage, imagine the decision of a PUG raid lead under the premiss, that both players have  the same skill. World of Warcraft accounts sell who would you invite: a player with a full toolbox or an “abilitiy-crippled” player?

a player scale up, where you would gain extra abilities for the time the event takes, would undermine the whole leveling and/or gearing process



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