RuneScape 3 is almost upon us

RuneScape 3 is almost upon us. Find out more about it in today’s BTS Video!

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RuneScape 3 is considerably more than HTML 5. Check the link to see what’s coming. i want to learn how to merchant.. sorry, i know this is random! w/e I understand that. But I was just giving you some feedback. is there going to be a new world map layout/look cuz when i open the world map for a split sec it is a different look/layout?

olfeedback. Tell them what is not ready about html5/RS3 then THAT will be feedback. html5 is totally ready. mine runs about 60fps no issues anywhere. I’m more or less worried about the minimap, sound, and black screen bugs that happen constantly in RS2… I hope they won’t be present. Nothing happend. He comes on funorb sometimes. zezimas was a legend player in sell rs accounts

he’s playing old school I wish i can afford membershit to play oldschool was member for over 2 years. I remember waiting for any new Runescape to be the new Zezima. Then I discovered actually good MMOs!

Also, whatever happened to that futuristic Runescape that Jagex was gonna sell runescape accounts make? MechScape was it? Zezima still plays Runescape.. He plays both oldschool and the main game. He just doesn’t come on too often.



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