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SE has ques set up now

I think what you really want is separate ques for the main story scenarios? If you just want a bunch of fresh 50’s to run this content with, be prepared for FFXIV Gil longer quest. The removal of more players from what is dated content for those past 50 is really going to hurt new players. Not only are the que times going to be out of control during off (non expansion or patch times) but also when you go to run it not a soul is going to know what to do. I already hear enough complaining about the dps wait times as it is. Running content with 50+ players is part of the risk of using the df as SE has it set up now. There’s good and bad with it. People don’t think it’s fair they have to wait for you and you don’t think it’s fair they won’t wait for you. Catch 22.

Thank you so much, I didn’t know that you could re-watch the cut scenes, nobody’s actually mentioned it before, you’re the first person to give me hints/advice on this game.


free ffxiv accounts from Feb

Same with behemoth. We get flooded by them. As soon as you log in you get At least 2. glad i left ultros and went to gilgamesh never get pst.
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Midgard is swarmed with gil spammers..Sargatanas, between every 5-15 mins. Malboro server here. Typically get a PM like every 20 mins about buy cheap ffxiv gil.

At some point through long hours of observation, I figured there was about 1 Bot of some kind for every 20 legitimate players. Out of 500 players, 22 were farm bots and 8 were spam bots. The majority of the farm bots are THM or BLM, and a smaller faction are Botanists/Miners. We also might have a minor fishing epidemic but we’re working through that with active reports.RMT’s usually use the hacked/phished accounts of legitimate players.

40% is a massive exxageration. They spam your tells every 10 minutes or so. I just blacklist them as the tells come in. Some days I get very few.Zhuli Li owns Exodus all bots report to him , good thing i dont play this game anymore. All good.

different verion of final fantasy

You mentioned like ff5 are fixed games nothing new would be released for them, so once you played through next playthrough will be exactly identical, playthrough can be done in around 15-45 hours each time. MMO’s on the other hand like this has constant regular update and so much content in game that will keep growing. no 2 play days are alike. Reason FF14 closed down it was a flawed game took too much resources to play and wasn’t that great. FF14:ARR rebuilt game from ground up and now one of best MMO’s out there, considering ff11 been going 12years+ now and still going this game has plenty of life in it now the flaws been fixed FFXIV gil.

This is an mmo… The box clearly states monthly subscription required.. Sorry but this entire situation is your own fault. Funny that you stalk my profile Paul. I’m sorry, can’t say you excite me as much buy cheap ffxiv gil, every time I answer I just think about how long it would take to wake you up if one went the long way of discussig with you. You’re actually a fool.

That is my point fellas, and if you can’t piece this information together tight enough for you to understand and reply that either I’m right or wrong, then it’s you that are fucking stupid. ”

…Information? You didn’t write anything that can be considered as such. Just a bunch of random, wild ideas with no sense whatsoever.

But of course, anyone that doesn’t believe your… “unique” view, is wrong and fucking stupid.