different verion of final fantasy

You mentioned like ff5 are fixed games nothing new would be released for them, so once you played through next playthrough will be exactly identical, playthrough can be done in around 15-45 hours each time. MMO’s on the other hand like this has constant regular update and so much content in game that will keep growing. no 2 play days are alike. Reason FF14 closed down it was a flawed game took too much resources to play and wasn’t that great. FF14:ARR rebuilt game from ground up and now one of best MMO’s out there, considering ff11 been going 12years+ now and still going this game has plenty of life in it now the flaws been fixed FFXIV gil.

This is an mmo… The box clearly states monthly subscription required.. Sorry but this entire situation is your own fault. Funny that you stalk my profile Paul. I’m sorry, can’t say you excite me as much buy cheap ffxiv gil, every time I answer I just think about how long it would take to wake you up if one went the long way of discussig with you. You’re actually a fool.

That is my point fellas, and if you can’t piece this information together tight enough for you to understand and reply that either I’m right or wrong, then it’s you that are fucking stupid. ”

…Information? You didn’t write anything that can be considered as such. Just a bunch of random, wild ideas with no sense whatsoever.

But of course, anyone that doesn’t believe your… “unique” view, is wrong and fucking stupid.


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