free ffxiv accounts from Feb

Same with behemoth. We get flooded by them. As soon as you log in you get At least 2. glad i left ultros and went to gilgamesh never get pst.
cheap FFXIV gil
Midgard is swarmed with gil spammers..Sargatanas, between every 5-15 mins. Malboro server here. Typically get a PM like every 20 mins about buy cheap ffxiv gil.

At some point through long hours of observation, I figured there was about 1 Bot of some kind for every 20 legitimate players. Out of 500 players, 22 were farm bots and 8 were spam bots. The majority of the farm bots are THM or BLM, and a smaller faction are Botanists/Miners. We also might have a minor fishing epidemic but we’re working through that with active reports.RMT’s usually use the hacked/phished accounts of legitimate players.

40% is a massive exxageration. They spam your tells every 10 minutes or so. I just blacklist them as the tells come in. Some days I get very few.Zhuli Li owns Exodus all bots report to him , good thing i dont play this game anymore. All good.


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