SE has ques set up now

I think what you really want is separate ques for the main story scenarios? If you just want a bunch of fresh 50’s to run this content with, be prepared for FFXIV Gil longer quest. The removal of more players from what is dated content for those past 50 is really going to hurt new players. Not only are the que times going to be out of control during off (non expansion or patch times) but also when you go to run it not a soul is going to know what to do. I already hear enough complaining about the dps wait times as it is. Running content with 50+ players is part of the risk of using the df as SE has it set up now. There’s good and bad with it. People don’t think it’s fair they have to wait for you and you don’t think it’s fair they won’t wait for you. Catch 22.

Thank you so much, I didn’t know that you could re-watch the cut scenes, nobody’s actually mentioned it before, you’re the first person to give me hints/advice on this game.


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